Friday, November 9th

When Rey doesn’t fall all over her at work, Sharon fumes about him pretending she doesn’t exist – then spots Nick lurking and lashes out at him. Nick’s not there to see Sharon (who’s gobsmacked when both men ignore her and go off for a private chat)

Mariah has a meeting to get to then will come home to finish unpacking. She’ll make this overpacked closet her mission. It’s your home now too, Tessa smiles.

Kyle peppers Phyllis with questions on how the launches are being financed. He thinks it a stroke of genius to have Nick fund Billy’s brainchild.

Your brother in laws disappearance is now a homicide investigation., Rey informs. Nick last saw JT before he and Vikki went to Hawaii. Rey implies that Nick would rather JT be dead than catch him impersonating him. Nick has no more to say, no more time to give (so leaves) What did you say to Rey? Nick comes out to accuse Sharon. Her new friend better back off or there’ll be problems.

Coming home to an empty apartment, Mariah begins tidying the closet by packing clothes into a black duffel bag.

Sharon wastes no time confronting Rey. As the Mother of Nick’s kids she deserved a heads up that he was being questioned. Please don’t shut me out. After they share a passionate kiss, Sharon’s further thrown off balance when Nikki walks in (seems Rey summoned her down for a talk too)

Phyllis calls Vikki to update that Rey just interviewed Nick. She’s not impressed that she wasn’t in the loop on Vikki and her Mom being called in too. Relax, Rey’s on the wrong track. I was the last one to see JT alive.