Monday, November 12th

Dressed to impress, Lauren and Kerry enter Phyllis office – you didn’t forget what we’re supposed to be doing right now did you? Is that today? Phyllis clearly did forget.

Billy chats with Sharon at the club’s bar. Why get your coffee here? Is everything OK at Crimson Lights?

Why are you trying to sneak out on me? Mia catches Rey tiptoeing out of the apartment.

What’s going on? Tessa awakens as a duffel bag of money is dumped on the sofa bed. You tell me! Mariah wants answers.

Having forgotten about the photo shoot, Phyllis sends Ted off to fetch a makeup artist. Lauren will handle wardrobe. Phyllis pulls herself together – we are the new, confident faces of Jabot.

I told you not to touch my things – but Tessa doesn’t want to make this a big deal. It IS a big deal – Mariah wants to know why the mattress was stuffed with money. You don’t want to know! Tessa grabs the bag and exits.

Rey has to get to the station so thought he’d let Mia sleep in. You fell asleep last night – I miss you, Mian sends Rey to work – they’ll pick up where they left off when he gets home.

Back at the club, Billy’s in no hurry to see Phyllis at work. Sharon thinks they should both move on (Phyllis and Nick have) And if you do find a way to deal with Phyllis, let me know, she quips.

Phyllis turns her nose up at the rack of dresses wheeled into her office. Kerry gives her a pep talk – let’s do this.