Tuesday, November 20th

Impressed with Dark Horse, Vikki invites Nick and the kids to Thanksgiving at her place. He pulls a face hearing she actually plans to cook. Mom and Dad will be there (he’s due back from Singapore tomorrow) You can make amends over making fun of my cooking. Nick hoped to have other plans but it doesn’t look like it now.

Finding Phyllis distracted in her office, Kerry offers to be a sounding board (not the best because we don’t know each other well) That makes you the best sounding board, Phyllis decides – you haven’t been in GC long enough to be corrupted.

Welcoming Mariah home, Tessa knows it will take a bit of work to get things back on track.

Picking up a broken framed photo of him and Hilary, Devon’s left to mope alone in his messy penthouse.

Billy comes home to find Jack all ready for the holiday and confident that Ashley will accept his invitation to come home for Thanksgiving with the family.

Phyllis glosses over the relationship she just got out of. Yes, being married to one brother while having an affair with another (word gets around) It was a rollercoaster – incredible highs and lows. Now, Phyllis is ready to jump into the deep end again – but isn’t sure going back to the same well is a good idea. Kerry thinks Phyllis already knows what she wants.

Vikki rewards Nick with a hug when he agrees to bring the kids to her place for Thanksgiving.

Back at the Abbott mansion, Billy doubts Ashley will come home for Thanksgiving. Jack thinks it the perfect time to make amends. He regrets pushing Ashley out and won’t give up. When he mentions the patents, Billy wonders if the real reason Jack wants Ashley home is to save Jabot and be reinstated as CEO.

Devon pauses his cleaning to put the framed photo away and let Nate in. Good morning. Yes, he’s a bit hung over. Shawna’s gone to Colorado to be with her family. Devon’s sorry for being rude to Nate last night. Nate’s sorry too. Devon feels numb and misses Hilary. He thought the party might help. Nate again apologizes – yes, he still misses Caroline. Do you ever worry you’ll not be able to picture her in your mind? Or hear her voice? Devon asks. All the time.