Tuesday, November 20th

Billy helps Jack bring boxes of wine in (a lot for 7 people) Jack plans to give them out to Jabot’s senior executives; like Dad used to. He’s going to reinstate that tradition. Billy’s pessimistic and kicking himself for no longer being CEO (though he’s sure Phyllis won’t last long)

Check the closet – the money’s gone, Tessa understands why Mariah might not trust her. She talks about how grateful the 8 worthy causes were to receive the money she donated. The flashdrive? It’s gone for good, Mariah says – right? Tessa again realizes that she broke their trust. We have a lot of work to do. Mariah really wants to believe Tessa.

Encountering Jack and Billy at the elevator, Phyllis is told that they’re continuing John’s tradition by handing out wine. Not impressed but allowing them to proceed, she snarks that Kerry’s in the office. Busted, Billy grins at Jack.

Mariah appreciates the gift Tessa’s made for her (a scrapbook of selfies they took together) but can’t stay to cuddle and stream tv shows. Also declining Tessa’s offer to come to the studio, Mariah tells her not to wait up and makes a call as soon as she exits the apartment. I need to talk to you.

Nick’s surprised when Phyllis gets off the elevator at Dark Horse – he was just on his way to see her. What a coincidence – she’s there to see him.

In the CEO office, Kerry thanks Jack for the wine – thinking it’s from just him to just her. Just kidding, she interrupts his explanation. When Jack invites her to Thanksgiving dinner, Kerry opts to work and read her novel at home instead – she quite enjoys her own company. Enjoy your holiday, Jack takes the hint and leaves disappointed.

Nick needs to speak first – he got swept up in their perfect night and doesn’t want to ruin their friendship. We’re both coming out of serious relationships and licking our wounds, Phyllis adds – and our careers have exploded. She came today to …. accept Nick’s offer. Seriously? Nick’s thrilled. And first a kiss then it’s off to see ‘our’ house.

When Mariah drops by, Vikki thanks her for dealing with Tessa – it can’t be easy. Detective Rosales has no evidence of murder and Vikki promises that everything will be OK.