Tuesday, November 20th

Nate updates that Cane and the kids got the Lakeview late last night – they wish you could come. Devon looks forward to football and turkey sandwiches with Nate for Thanksgiving.

Vikki’s next visitor is Billy (who’s disappointed that Victor will be back for Thanksgiving) It’s decided that he’ll come over after the family leaves. It’ll be a movie and popcorn; just the 4 of us.

Phyllis is impressed with the house Sharon didn’t want to move into. Her and Nick’s kiss is interrupted when Christian runs in. Remember Phyllis? Won’t it be fun if she comes to live with us? We really like each other. Phyllis agrees – but only if Christian says it’s OK. Apparently, it is.

Back at the house, Billy updates Jack that he’ll eat with the Abbott’s then go spend time with Vikki and the kids. Distracted, Jack shoos Billy out of the room when Kerry calls – were you inviting me to Thanksgiving dinner? Yes – is noon OK? Jack hangs up grinning.

Monique is the best babysitter, Nick raves to Phyllis. Both are pleased with the way things went with Christian but not sure how Faith will take the news. No, Phyllis isn’t backing out. Nick’s in – both feet. Now for the rest to the tour; the kitchen? gym? no. Phyllis wants to see the master again (where they make out)

Mariah brings in a box that was just delivered. Tessa opens it to remove the teddy bear. It’s from Crystal. It’s postmarked in GC, Mariah’s given a story. And why a bear? It’s a thing between us, Tessa lies then finds a place for it. Perfect, Mariah manages a small smile.

Next: Jack invites a surprise guest to Thanksgiving … Rey interrogates Nikki … Mia and Lola call a truce.

My Thoughts: Nothing says bring on the holidays like two recovering addicts handing out booze in a workplace that neither of them works at! I imagine John Abbott classed it up a bit by putting the bottles in gift bags and maybe even writing out cards. Where oh where is Gloria? Will she get a bottle of wine as a consolation prize? (since it seems obvious that Jack’s moved on) … A kitchen counter/bar is hardly the ‘perfect’ place to display a giant teddy bear, in fact, it’s quite possibly the worst… Who knew Devon was so good at house cleaning? Since I’m one handed now, I could really use someone like him around … Wny is Nick’s new home so dark and gloomy? No wonder Sharon didn’t want to move in. And good luck getting Faith to go along with the new living arrangements.