Wednesday, November 28th

Devon’s at the club having drinks with some musicians when an inquisitive Anna pops up. Taking her aside, Devon explains that drinks during the day is normal in his business (not that there aren’t plenty of other types of businessmen having drinks over lunch with associates) When Anna wonders if this is an ‘escape’, Devon thinks that a word Neil or Nate would use and suspects that they’ve asked Anna to keep an eye on him.

Now seated (with Mariah), Sharon’s humble as Mia thanks her profusely – it was so nice to dress up and show off her handsome husband. Oh, and she didn’t let on that she knew Sharon’s part in it – we kept the focus on romance. It was amazing – just like I knew it would be when we got back together. Now knowing that Sharon’s on their side, Mia feels comfortable in asking her advice on where to get a nice take out dinner. Recommended to the GCAC, Mia will have another reason to thank Sharon tomorrow *wink-wink-nudge-nudge*. After Mia leaves, Sharon doesn’t blame her for wanting to protect her marriage. Why give her the gift card? Mariah asks. Sharon wanted to prove to herself that she could do the right thing.

Anna missed her brother, wants to be with family and thought he might need her support. Devon questions the timing, reminding Anna that she didn’t come back when Hilary died or Lily went to prison. Anna knows she should have come sooner. But she wants to be with Devon for the holidays. And yes, of course Neil’s concerned about him. Devon’s fine – you can all relax. Anna looks troubled as he rejoins his musicians (the singer they wer eaiting for has finally arrived)

Your Father’s on his way, Phyllis updates – she hasn’t told Nick that Summer slept with Billy (he’d beat him up and go to prison) IS this about Billy? No. Is it me? No, Summer loves her Mom. Is it about your Dad’s drama with Sharon? Is that is Supergirl? Nick comes in to again offer her a job with Dark Horse. Victor won’t stay with you in Dubai. Summer will be working directly with Nikki – there’s nothing to worry about. This is the chance of a lifetime – cheer me on, Summer implores. Phyllis and Nick finally come around ~hug~

That’s all I recorded. It seems shorter than usual so perhaps I missed a segment? Hmmm. I’ll look into it.