Thursday, November 29th

Abby’s been at work for two hours when Arturo arrives at Dark Horse. She’s already blogged the photoshoot of his crew appraising the building she’s purchasing; 985 Cresthaven Place. Both are excited ~hug~

At Jabot, Billy needs Kyle’s help on a special project. He was able to get a meeting with ‘the’ Rebecca Barlow – a beauty entrepreneur who’s looking for a retail partner. Kyle’s eager and of course will keep this a secret (then proves it by quickly changing the subject to baseball When Phyllis arrives)

Devon declines breakfast; he’s late for a meeting and can’t find his keys. Right there, Anna again insists that she’s not in town to babysit her brother. Tidying up, she finds a baggie of drug paraphernalia tucked in the cushions and wastes no time making a call – I need your help.

Rey’s cooking breakfast for Mia (since she did such a good job cooking – or ordering take out – last night) She’s going to go buy a few things to add a feminine touch to the apartment. She has plans to bring clients up. Rey jokes about decreasing his credit card limit. Mia thinks not.

It’s almost time to sign the purchase papers and a nervous Abby really appreciates Arturo’s support. His mistakes are in the past – she’s impressed that he faced up to them and learned. With a quick kiss, she runs off to finalize her deal.

Holding the baggie, Cane thinks Anna did the right thing in calling him. Could it be Shawna’s? Her brother has a drug problem. Cane still thinks Devon needs to know.

In Phyllis’ office, Billy lies about his chat with Kyle – we were talking about Summer going to Dubai. Phyllis isn’t convinced – you’re hiding something. Billy calls her paranoid and gets back to work.

Still in her office, Phyllis thinks Kerry needs to get out so invites her for drinks. She caught Billy and Kyle conspiring. Kerry hasn’t heard anything but will keep an eye out. She heard a rumour from a former colleague that Rebecca Barlow is meeting with Jabot. Phyllis sends her out to confirm the story.