Wednesday, November 28th

Finding Summer in her office Skyping with Victor, Phyllis swivels the screen around to issue a weak warning to Victor. Have a good trip – I’m so looking forward to seeing you, Victor cuts Phyllis off then signs off. Phyllis and Summer now argue about her working for Victor (something she and Nick guarantee will end badly) Summer’s leaving for Dubai – today. Good, call Dad over. Summer’s going to go say goodbye to Lauren then hopes to hang out with her parents until her flight leaves. This is happening.

At CL’s, Mariah’s confiding to her Mom how conflicted she feels living with Tessa when Mia sashays over. Knowing that Sharon paid for their dinner last night, Mia wants to have a little chat about that.

Devon comes down to find Nate and Anna in the living room. He thinks Shawna will like having another female in the house and Anna’s welcome to stay as long as she likes. And no, she’s not needed at the office – stay and get settled. After Devon leaves, Nate says this is what he’s talking about. Anna will find out if there’s anything to worry about. Nate has a bad feeling.

**Sorry. No time for spellcheck etc today.

Phyllis calls Nick to update that Summer’s determined to go work for Victor. You know what we need to do.

In Phyllis’ office, Kyle makes it clear that he didn’t try to talk Summer out of going to Dubai (and in fact encouraged her to go) Phyllis rants ‘n raves that Victor’s pitting Summer against Nick (and Dark Horse) just like he pitted Kyle against Jack; pitting child against Father while he sips Tequila and watches. Kyle asks Phyllis to give Summer some credit – she’s your daughter after all. She won’t be anyone’s pawn – trust her.

At Dark Horse, Nick’s on video chat with Victor accusing him of dragging his daughter across the world to play games. She has no real estate experience – you just want to come between me and my kid! Victor isn’t using Summer; she’s wasting her time at Jabot and watching her parents implode. Stay the hell out of her way. Chat over, Abby comes in to ask Nick about the building again. Nick again passes. OK, Abby’s going to make the deal. Yes, she’s ready for the risk. Nick hopes it’ll be huge for Abby and she can spend the rest of her life telling him what a mistake he made. Abby looks forward to it.