Tuesday, November 27th

Surprise! Cane, the twins and Nate barge into Devon’s loaded down with food. Yes, it is an ambush – Nate figured Devon would come up with an excuse not to be here if they gave him a heads up.

At CL’s, Mariah confides in Sharon – she’s numb but now sees through Tessa and isn’t sure she can get past the lies. You still love her, Sharon believes Mariah will make the decision that’s right for her. As Sharon walks Mariah out to the patio, Mia’s all over Rey. Coming in to introduce herself to Mariah, Mia gushes that she and her husband are big fans.

Arturo finds Abby all excited at Dark Horse. She’s miffed that her Dad didn’t offer HER the Dubai job he gave Summer. Sure, Nick values her work at Dark Horse but Abby wants more – she wants to be a superstar (and THIS, whatever she’s working on will do just that)

In the CEO office, Kyle’s on the phone with Dale trying to get a shipment that’s late. Dale can’t talk now but will call him right back. When Lola comes along to surprise Kyle with lunch, she’s disappointed when Dale calls back and Kyle hurries back into the office to finish their discussion.

On her laptop, Abby shows Arturo an empty building that’s 90% finished – the opportunities are limitless in this up and coming area. It could be a big win if leased to the right businesses ~kiss~

Kyle comes out of the office and leaving his sandwich behind, goes to meet Dale. Lola comes back to pack up her sandwich and mope.

Back on the patio, Sharon lingers to eavesdrop as Mia and Rey make plans for dinner (as he heads off to the station) Inside, Mariah can tell that Sharon’s upset. Admitting that things got a bit carried away but didn’t cross the line, all Sharon can do (as Rey’s friend) is give him time and space to fix his marriage.

As the table’s being set, Devon and Cane have a quiet chat. Of Devon knew about this he could have had Shawna here. Charlie did ask him to invite her, but Cane’s so ‘spent’ he forgot. Lily still has a long road ahead of her. Devon’s not overly sympathetic – he’ll never get to see his wife again. As Devon goes to pour a drink, Cane stops him – you don’t need this. We love you – look at what these guys have done; don’t ruin it for them. Devon’s then surprised when Anna shows up. Sure hope you saved some turkey for your little sister! ~hug~