Wednesday, December 5th

Rebecca seems happy enough with Anna’s spiel but would like to speak to her boss. Devon comes over to apologize again – he understands why Rebecca wouldn’t want to sign Renee without meeting her. Anna’s instructed to set up a video chat in 5 minutes. As Rebecca goes to get a glass of water, Anna asks Devon is he’s good. Yeah, he sounds unconvinced.

As he wants to speak to the women separately, Nikki leaves Rey to admire Vikki’s loyalty to her Father – if you care about him, tell me where he is. Vikki doesn’t know and wouldn’t tell Rey if she did. Victor has nothing to do with JT’s murder. Either way, Rey knows there’s something Vikki’s not telling him.

It’s now Nikki’s turn to tell Rey that they’ve already told him what they know. Why go after an ‘innocent’ man? Interesting word – Rey has other words to describe Victor; ruthless, unscrupulous. The Victor ‘you know’ left your ex-son in law to die in prison in Myanmar – kidnapped Jack and tried to kill him. Nikki doesn’t know where Victor is – he might still be in Dubai. Rey knows that Victor’s phone is out of service – when did you last speak to him? Nikki hasn’t been in contact with Victor since before the fire.

Ending the video chat, Rebecca’s impressed – Renee’s everything you said she was. She was wearing my brand and had my products all over her dressing table. Renee’s ‘real’ vibe is exactly what Rebecca’s looking for. Let’s do this – send me the paperwork, she leaves Devon and Anna amazed that they pulled it off. We still have things to talk about, Anna says. Yes – like how did you know about my prescription? Devon wonders.

At CL’s, Kyle’s on the edge of his seat waiting for an update from Mariah. I couldn’t go through with it, Mariah’s not ‘there’ yet. If you may never ‘get there’ it might be time to call it quits, Kyle advises. But if Mariah won’t tell him what Tessa did, he can’t really help anymore. Call me if you REALLY want to talk. He’s about to leave when Mariah admits that she’s scared; scared to death.

Back at Vikki’s, Nikki rants; the fire, the gun, JT’s bloodied shirt! Vikki reminds that JT wasn’t shot. Who’s moving bodies and planting evidence to frame your Father?! Nikki frets some more. Going up to check with the sitter, Vikki will update Sharon and Phyllis, then make Nikki some tea (though Nikki’s clearly more interested in the array of booze on display)

Anna found the pills when getting a document out of Devon’s briefcase; she recognized the drug because a friend of hers took it. You were having a panic attack. Yes, Devon admits – what do you want from me? Ask for help – I’ll be here, Anna encourages.

Nikki pops and sniffs the cork, then pours herself a big glass of red wine. She’s about to drink it but pours it into a flower vase when Vikki comes down. When Vikki goes to answer the door, Nikki puts the glass back. Sharon’s then updated that Rey found a gun and a bloodied shirt.

Seated at the club, Rebecca asks Nick about the traffic around the Jabotiques (since he leases the locations to Jabot) And yes, he knows a lot about women. After some mutual ego stroking, Rebecca hopes she’s not keeping Nick away from a girlfriend. Nick’s where he wants to be. Rebecca’s just found her spokesperson; if this Jabotique deal happens, it’ll be a very productive trip. Billy sits at the bar and eavesdrops as Rebecca offers to seal the deal – upstairs in her suite. Lead the way, Nick follows.

Mariah’s scared there’s no one else out there for her. Kyle thinks that crazy – you’re beautiful, smart, funny – tons of people would want to be with you. That’s no reason to stay with Tessa. If there’s no trust, what else is left? Mariah realizes she must break off with Tessa. Need help? No, Mariah must do this alone.

Nikki, Sharon and Vikki bicker. Sharon suggests that Victor killed JT after they THOUGHT they did. Vikki scoffs – the only thing more ridiculous than a corpse digging itself out of a grave is Victor leaving behind evidence to a murder. Could Jack have done this? Nikki wonders. OMG, Sharon thinks it obvious who did this – the person who should be here worrying as much as we are. Phyllis!