Wednesday, December 5th

Devon? Anna and Rebecca look concerned. I just got distracted for a second, Devon covers (but still looks woozy) Anna was just telling Rebecca that the best way to get to know Rene is through her songs. Handing Rebecca headphones, Anna’s sure she’ll agree that Rene is the perfect spokesperson for her cosmetics line. As Rebecca listens, Anna pulls out a bottle of pills and suggests Devon take one.

Nikki and Vikki assure Rey that Victor didn’t kill JT. Then why isn’t he answering my calls? Rey believes that only the guilty ‘hide’. And if Victor didn’t kill JT, who did?

Billy chats with Sharon at CL’s – he and Phyllis have come to an agreement. We’re closing on a major deal, he raves about how ‘in synch’ they were delivering their pitch – just like old times. Old times in the boardroom or the bedroom? Sharon has to ask.

Pouring a drink, Nick passes on Phyllis’ suggestion that he go on a date with another woman. We’re this close to closing the deal with Rebecca Barlow, Phyllis persists – just flash your killer smile and get her to sign on the dotted line. You’re pimping me out, Nick wants her to admit it.

At the apartment, Tessa whines about Sharon firing her and not being able to get another job. They exchange a few words about why Sharon fired Tessa before Mariah leaves with a ‘gotta go’.

I can’t take drugs, Devon insists – but his breath still uneven takes a pill from Anna and opens a bottle of water.

Don’t worry – Billy will never be too busy to commiserate with Sharon. That doesn’t answer her question. OK, yes, it’s hell working in a tiny office on marketing stuff he can do in his sleep (while Phyllis is in the CEO office) But we’re putting aside our issues for the good of the company. He can’t hate Phyllis for cheating on him and still cares about her. Sharon cares about Nick too but has made peace with the fact that they’ll never be together.

Phyllis continues to woo Nick – all he has to do is make Rebecca laugh at his jokes (and get her to sign with Jabot) No, she doesn’t know we’re together – she thinks we’re business associates. OK, Nick will go on a date with another woman but expects some quid pro quo from Phyllis. Deal – she gives him a kiss.