Tuesday, December 4th

Another day starts with Nikki still unable to reach Victor – Summer hasn’t heard from him either. Has something happened to him? she frets again. No, Vikki’s sure her Dad’s fine and busy working. Getting a call, Nikki’s disappointed that it’s Rey – he wants her and Vikki at the station to answer some questions.

Rey joins Nick in a visitation room to wonder if he set the fire to hurt his Father. Why would I burn down my family’s stables? In light of new evidence, Rey can think of a few motives.

At Devon’s penthouse, Anna updates Nate that her brother’s gone to see the therapist. Being supportive and showing him love works much better than talking to him like he’s a child.

In the doctors’ office, Devon makes it clear that he doesn’t feel he needs help (but his family insisted) He then sits down to agree that he’s had a ‘difficult’ year – but nothing he can’t handle – we all have issues.

In her office, Phyllis grumbles about Billy stepping on her toes and suggests he skip the meeting if they can’t work together. Billy reminds that Jabotiques were HIS concept but is sure they can keep things professional and focus only on business.

Anna’s arranging paperwork for a meeting Devon has later with Rebecca Barlow – he’s hoping the new singer he signed, Renee, will be the face of her new line. Oh yes, Nate remembers Lily was working on that. With Neil gone, Nate wonders if Devon can carry the extra workload – he’s got a full plate.

Devon confides to his doctor that he lost his wife and unborn child; he’s not sleeping and can barely muster the energy to shower. He sleeps in a bed he shared with his wife down the hall from what would be his baby’s nursery. Devon’s not at risk of hurting himself but is just going through the motions; nothing feels normal. What was Hilary like? the doctor asks. Beautiful, ambitious, the life of the party. Yes, she is… was.. incredible. When Devon expresses being conflicted about Lily causing the accident, the doctor is sympathetic and understanding.

Nikki and Vikki have joined Nick and Rey at the station to be shown new evidence (a gun in a sealed bag)