Wednesday, December 5th

When Billy stops by, Phyllis informs that Nick’s at a dinner meeting. What urgent business did you need to discuss? Billy doubts they’ll hear from Rebecca anytime soon – she’s getting cozy with Nick at the club, he tattles – he’s already cheating on you. Phyllis chuckles.

Sharon reminds that Phyllis tried to implicate Victor in JT’s murder before. She told Rey to investigate him. (She said) that was to point him in the wrong direction, Vikki also doesn’t see how Phyllis could pull it off. Maybe she went back to the park after we left and moved the body before Jill had the statue erected, Sharon persists. Where did she hide the body? a skeptical Nikki isn’t buying it. Vikki thinks Sharon’s letting her hatred for Phyllis cloud her judgment. Then who? There’s only one person, Nikki can think of. Seeming to agree, Vikki wants to put a stop to it once and for all.

Devon and Anna have a good chat about all he’s been through and how the walls are closing in. Trying to party it away didn’t help – neither did pushing people away. Anna won’t back off on helping her brother.

Let the celebration begin, Rebecca has wine and glasses. Nick’s attempt to get the contracts signed is brushed off. Rebecca’s flying out tonight – Nick’s the only one she trusts to take care of this for her. She wouldn’t put something so important in the hands of a courier. A bit of wine spilled on her dress, Rebecca excuses herself.

Phyllis informs Billy that Nick’s doing ‘us’ a favour – and that she’s the one who set it up. Nick’s using his charm and business savvy to convince Rebecca that her line should be sold in Jabotiques. Billy doesn’t want to see Phyllis hurt again. I never cheated on you, he reminds (and agrees he shouldn’t have used Summer to hurt Phyllis) Are you asking for another chance? Phyllis wonders. Is that what you want? Things now awkward, Billy agrees that he should leave.

How’s it going in there? Nick calls out – I should be going soon, he stands. When Rebecca comes out in a negligee, Nick stammers – I think you should sign those contracts. That can wait – this can’t, Rebecca pulls him closer. Phyllis hovers outside the door.

At CL’s, Mariah and Rey are both having a bad day. As Rey carries on his way, Mariah gets a text from Tessa – on my way.

Leaving the apartment, Tessa’s about to lock up when someone puts a black bag over her head.

Next: Nikki walks into danger … Vikki gives Billy a reality check.