Friday, December 7th

Waiting at CL’s, Mariah sends Tessa a text – aren’t you coming? Why are you ignoring me now?

Hood over her head, Tessa’s phone goes off beside her as she pleads with whoever’s driving – please, you don’t have to do this!

At home, Charlie’s on the phone with Shawna. As he removes his shirt and flips the phone around to show her that he’s been working out, Cane sneaks up behind him. Dad! What the hell!? Charlie sputters as Cane laughs and apologizes.

Jack comes home as Billy’s leaving a message for Phyllis – ‘call me back, doesn’t matter how late’. He assumes they’re close to sealing the Barlow deal but wonders if Billy hopes to get back together with Phyllis (reminding that she’s with Nick now)

Rebecca’s all over Nick when Phyllis bursts into her suite – oh no, no – that’s not happening.

Why are we stopping? a panicked Tessa assumes her abduction is connected to Crystal – then, when her hood’s removed is surprised to see Nikki; with Vikki behind the wheel. Both look like they mean business.

Putting on a robe, Rebecca reminds Phyllis that she told her to ‘go for it’. Phyllis clarifies that Nick’s her boyfriend – she expected them to have dinner, drinks, not sex. Going to dress, Rebecca leaves Nick to agree with Phyllis that her plan probably killed the deal.

Back at the Abbott house, Billy explains that he and Phyllis click – maybe this is just another step in our dance. Jack’s skeptical – you betrayed each other; hated each other – how do you work back from that?

Why are you doing this? What do you want from me? I got rid of the footage! Tessa’s so sorry about the blackmail. She’ll find a way to pay back the money she took. Nikki accuses her of burning the stables down. It was about money but now it’s personal.