Monday, December 10th

Yes, we’re alone. Take a breath, Vikki calms her Mom down. The person who’s been tormenting us has been in my house, my bedroom – and left these (the clothes we buried JT in) They were laid out on the bed – someone’s mocking me, Nikki frets. Vikki wonders how they got past the guards. Maybe it IS a guard. No, but someone we trust or has access, Vikki opines. Who’s that? Who has a key!? Nikki hides the bag of clothes as Reed comes home to surprise his Mom and Grandma.

Phyllis comes home from ‘tying up loose ends’ to kiss Nick (who she can now focus all her attention on)

Billy’s at home moping over the rings Phyllis gave him back. He asks Abby to go out for some fun or food but changes his mind because he’s in a bad mood (and there’s nowhere really to go) He also declines apple pie but insists that he’s fine. OK, Abby goes upstairs to read.

Reed announces that he’s home to find out how his Dad died. The investigation’s dragging on, Vikki’s vague and agrees with her Mom – let’s discuss it tomorrow. When she takes Reed upstairs to ready his room, Nikki takes a large sip on the glass of wine Vikki left on the coffee table.

Jack’s on the phone giving an off the record quote about Rebecca Barlow partnering with Jabotiques. Catching the end of the conversation, Billy wonders how he heard about it. Jack thinks it a great deal – and great timing since Ashley’s line will be coming out soon. Asked about Phyllis, Billy updates that she’s staying with Nick; he has only himself to blame.

Abby’s in Nick’s office to say that there’s no hotspot in town now that Underground’s gone. She wants to turn the ground floor of her new property into a hip eatery by day, hot club by night. She needs someone with experience to guide her. It’d be fun, she coerces. Listing reasons why the project might fail, Nick’s sorry but is too busy.

In the hallway, a frustrated Abby tells Arturo that Nick turned her down – again.

Your grandfather still hasn’t connected with you!? Nick’s surprised and annoyed when Summer calls wondering where Victor is (and vows to find him)

It’s another day. Nikki’s spent the night at Vikki’s and the kids are off to school already. Reed again asks about his Dad’s death. He knows it’s hard and that Vikki cared about him. He can go to the police if it’s easier. No, Vikki prefers he come to her. Reed asks for an autopsy report. There was no autopsy – JT’s body wasn’t found, Vikki informs. Reed’s excited – maybe his Dad’s not dead after all!