Thursday, December 13th

Head chef of your own restaurant? Mia’s begrudgingly impressed. It’s not that big a deal, Lola downplays. Abby won’t let her be modest – Devon’s restaurant will be full of celebrities. Her news overshadowed, Mia’s encouraged by Arturo and Lola (they should both be proud) After Abby and Arturo leave, Lola agrees to go to the Jabot party with Kyle – and with a kiss sends him off so she can get ready for the lunch rush.

Mia’s in the apartment crying in the mirror as she removes her makeup and false lashes. The framed photo of her and Rey makes her cry even harder.

At the station, Sharon ends a call with the director of the shelter. Rey snaps at her then quickly apologizes – it’s been a helluva morning. That’s twice Sharon been lashed out at today (Mariah’s in love with a backstabbing liar) What if Lola was dating someone like that? Rey would basically put an end to it. He steps aside when Mia calls him in tears asking him to come home.

At Dark Horse, Arturo scolds Abby for the way he made Mia feel like her news wasn’t important. Sorry, not sorry – Abby’s not impressed that Mia will be plucking Nikki’s eyebrows. Arturo continues to defend Mia (much to Abby’s annoyance)

At the club, Sharon will hear Tessa out – for one minute. Tessa loves Mariah (and she loves me) Mariah’s only staying with you out of guilt. If you cared about her, you’d let her go.

Kerry rings the doorbell and after a brief wait is about to leave when Jack opens the door wearing a tux. He’s glad she stuck around. Definitely worth the wait, she likes what she sees.

Mia’s a lot of things but she’s not a threat to us, Arturo warns that she fights back when she’s hurt. Abby’s not afraid of her. Arturo just wants everyone to be happy – if Mia’s happy, Rey will be happy – and so will we. Do not engage, please. Abby doesn’t appreciate Arturo protecting Mia; who needs to realize that her way of doing things won’t fly in GC – someone will take her down.

When Rey comes home, Mia gives him a ‘craft beer’ and whines that when she told the gang her big news (about her big-wig new client) all they cared about is Lola’s bigger news that she’s going to be head chef at a fancy new restaurant. Are you kidding me? That’s …… You too? Mia bursts into tears. I don’t belong here – it’s too cold (and not just the weather) Wanting Rey to be happy, Mia will leave if that’s what he wants. Rey’s answer is a passionate kiss.

As Jack pours wine, Kerry chides him for giving her the cold shoulder at the office. Then came the fancy hand-delivered invitation. Jack’s intrigued. With what? My eyes? Your dossier, Jack knew Kerry was brilliant and dedicated before he met her. Complimenting Jack on his smile, Kerry clinks his wine glass.