Friday, December 14th

Lose track of time? Jack turns the TV off as Billy’s munching popcorn and watching a Christmas movie marathon (preferable to watching Phyllis prance around with Nick at Jabot’s ‘Holiday Party’) This is exactly where I want to be, Billy assures.

As Mia does her makeup, Phyllis reads texts from Nick – he can’t wait to see her at the party and afterwards even more. Accepting payment and a tip, Mia easily manages to get invited to Jabot’s party. She and her husband could really use a night out.

Nikki’s not happy that Rey’s summoned her to the station. Why am I here? You used my wife to try to influence a police investigation – that’s a serious crime – come with me.

Ted ends a call instructing the wait staff for tonight’s party. He tells Kyle that he’s also planned a photo booth, karaoke and the best DJ in town (me)

Lauren and Kerry get off the elevator exchanging compliments and chatting about Jack. He can be a handful but he’s worth it. Lauren’s listing Jack’s charms when Mike gets off the elevator. I was just talking about you, she laughs. A call from Nikki sends Mike hurrying off to the station. He’ll catch up with them later.

In an interrogation room, Nikki’s not talking without a lawyer. Rey thinks that a smart call – you’re gonna need one.

Meeting at the club, Kyle declares Lola ‘gorgeous’. She can’t believe all this is real; an incredible boyfriend, an incredible job at a new restaurant ~kiss~

At the bar, Phyllis toasts Lauren and Kerry for their support.

Dropping by Dark Horse, Vikki chats with Nick and Jack. As she steps aside to take a call from Reed, Jack sends Nick ahead – then suggests Vikki go to the party with Billy. He’s in his sweats watching TV on the sofa. Maybe you can get him to the party. Whaddaya say?

Seated across the table with Nikki, Mike’s in aggressive-attorney mode. Never mind obstruction of justice – YOU’RE trying to score points with the police commission by taking down a Newman! Nikki claims she was just chatting with Mia while having her makeup done. Your clients’ behavior reeks of desperation – and Rey’s sure Nikki knows more about JT’s murder than she’s saying.

You’ve got no proof – arrest my client or we’re going. Mike snarls. When Rey tells him to track down his other client, Victor, Nikki snaps that the police should be looking for whoever burned down the stables and planted false evidence. We’re out of here, Mike escorts Nikki out and instructs her to have Victor call him as soon as she hears from him – and don’t interact with Mia. Hearing that Nikki’s going home to an empty house, Mike has a better idea.