Thursday, December 13th

Kerry loves what Jack’s done with the place – very festive. Not too shabby huh? he agrees. The tree? It’s not decorated because it came late. When Jack suggests they eat, Kerry has something more exciting in mind. Oh? Jack looks intrigued.

Mariah startles Tessa on the patio as she’s filling out job applications online. You’re safe because you’re with me – I’ve got your back always, Mariah assures. Hearing that Tessa had a good interview at the GCAC; the manager loved her energy etc, but she didn’t hear back, Mariah knows there’s more. Hearing that Tessa ran into Sharon at the club AFTER her job interview, Mariah fumes – she’s out of control. I know exactly why you didn’t get the job.

Naked and in bed, Mia tells Rey all about her new client Nikki; she’s SO nice – did you know she used to be an exotic dancer? She had nothing and now has everything she could wish for. When Rey mentions that Victor’s his prime suspect in a murder, Mia admits they did discuss it a bit – Nikki’s sure her husband would never kill the Father of his grandson. When Rey thinks it obvious why Nikki hired the wife of the detective investigating her husband, Mia has no issue with Nikki doing everything she can to protect the man she loves (just like I’m doing now)

On a ladder, Jack puts the finishing touches and star on the Christmas tree. Turning the lights off to admire it with Kerry, he’s barely able to contain his glee when she takes his hand and declares it ‘perfect’.

Sharon’s enjoying a glass of wine when Mariah barges into the house to accuse her of sinking to a new low (tanking Tessa’s job at the club) Sharon simply told the truth; Tessa’s a liar, thief and blackmailer. If Mariah refuses to see the truth and dump Tessa – and if Tessa refuses to do the right thing, it’s up to Sharon (who loves Mariah more than anyone)

Arturo follows Abby out of the conference room to list all he loves about her. He worries that baiting Mia and making her feel small won’t go well. If you knew her like I do, you’d be worried too – big time, he cautions.

Now dressed and in the living room, Rey and Mia argue over what she said (or didn’t say) to Nikki. She feels this investigation is a witch hunt and needed someone to talk to. Maybe Victor isn’t guilty and you’re being biased. Wow, you learn fast – those are Nikki’s words, not yours, Rey reiterates – Nikki’s NOT your friend. She’s using you. I was only trying to help you, Mia sulks off.

Kerry has one more surprise for Jack – take my hand. She leads him beneath the mistletoe for a kiss.