Monday, December 17th

With a thump, Reed and Charlie wonder if they hit something. Nikki laying on the ground, Reed stops Charlie from getting out to check. I’ll drive you home – forget this happened.

Now home, Charlie and Reed hiss at one another so as not to wake Cane up (which neither want) This night sucks.

Nikki’s wheeled into an operating room on a gurney.

We’re so screwed – how will I explain the dent? Charlie’s taken a photo. If something was alive when we hit it, it’s not anymore – this isn’t good. Reed feels horrible that he might have hit a deer. This is bad for both of us, Reed suggests they go to sleep and deal with it tomorrow.

What have we got here? Nate asks. Pedestrian hit and run, the nurse assumes. The one thing she knows is that it’s Nikki Newman.

Jack and Kerry are back at his place for a nightcap and a passionate kiss beneath the mistletoe.

Cane comes down wanting an update on what Charlie’s been up to. Hey – c’mere. You been drinking? It was just one, Charlie apologizes. Did you drink and drive? Cane asks.

Now home, Phyllis is stoked after hosting a successful party and also pats herself on the back for the job she’s doing as CEO. Nick’s full of praise too – anyone can see the drive and naked ambition (no wonder Jack put the blood only clause to try keep her out) Neither saw ‘this’ coming. You showed those people that you are the leader they need, Nick gushes. They then discuss Billy attending with Jabot’s competition on his arm. Nick thought he and Vikki might be getting back together. Would that bother you? he asks Phyllis.

Billy and Vikki are back at the house. Yes, she’s worried about her Dad – it’s not like him to disappear without reason. Billy suspects Victor’s looking for JT’s killer (he won’t want the cops to get to him first) Reed comes in visibly upset. What’s wrong? Vikki asks.

Jack and Kerry hold hands as they continue to chat. He thinks her a brilliant chemist but is glad she can put work aside to come drink wine. Kerry thinks Jabot … incestuous – everyone’s related and has history. Like Phyllis, Billy and yours truly, Jack shrugs it off – we all survived. Kerry thinks that generous. Jack admits that he entertained the idea of reuniting with Phyllis but you can’t go back.

Billy and I are done – we burned it down, Phyllis chooses to be happy and hopes Billy is too (even if it is with Vikki) Nick wonders if he’s sending them a message. Vikki won’t take garbage from anyone again, Phyllis is sure. And that’s enough talking – time for more kissing.