Friday, December 21st

Helped into her coat, Vikki wonders how Noah, Abby and everyone at Dark Horse would feel about Nick going to work for the competition. Nick gets uppity too – he’s not trying to take over Vikki’s turf. There’s no going back, not on my watch, Vikki then apologizes when Nick claims he’s just trying to be a good brother. With a hug, Vikki goes to spend time with her kids. You’re my first call, Nick assures.

Kyle gives Lola a gift – open it. Fine – but you open up yours too. Lola loves her new purse. No one helped Kyle pick it out – he paid attention when Lola was looking for one online. Kyle loves his new watch too – more than the one he just bought himself. Lola picks up the watch Kyle takes off and can tell that it’s way more expensive than the one she bought him.

You guys are amazing, Vikki thanks Billy and Reed for wrapping gifts. The kids are still up because Billy gave them chocolate, Reed tattles. And when he goes up to peel the kids off the ceiling, Vikki gives Reed a pep talk. Grandma heard what you said, she’s sure. No, the police don’t know who hit Nikki. I’m so proud of you, Vikki hugs Reed.

Nick talks to his Mom about Phyllis, the kids and the Elf On The Shelf. Oh, how he misses Nikki’s laugh and regrets putting her in the middle of his feud with his Dad. I’m sorry I haven’t been a better son – but I will be. I love you Mom… Still asleep, Nikki is also at the piano.

Your watch is much nicer, an embarrassed Lola takes the one she bought off Kyle’s wrist. He only picked a fancy watch because he’s shallow – the one Lola put her heart and soul into choosing is priceless to him. He doesn’t just like it, he loves it. After Lola puts it back on his wrist, Kyle thanks her with a kiss.

Billy surprises Vikki, Katie and Reed by bringing Johnny down in his snowman costume. They then break it to him that grandma might not be home for Christmas – but we can read her favourite book and make cookies. Reed’s silent as Vikki gives Johnny and Katie hugs from the grandma who loves them so much.

Nick hasn’t found Dad yet but he won’t stop looking. He and Vikki are sure talking to her help but know Nikki wants to hear Victor’s voice. He’ll do what he can to make that happen. Nikki’s now playing piano beautifully – then drawn to a white light. My darling, Victor appears in a tux – don’t go. But the light and music is so beautiful. We can make beautiful music right here – stay. Nikki takes Victor’s hand and is drawn into his arms.

As Nikki turns towards the light again, Victor seats her at the piano – play for me. She does – Nadias Theme (the show’s theme) … Kyle and Lola kiss…. Billy’s going to take off – but stays to hold a weeping Vikki (as a guilt ridden Reed watches) .. Victor and Nikki dance …. Nick kisses his Mom’s forehead – good night Mom. I love you. After he turns off the logjt and leaves, someone else enters to cast a shadow over a sleeping Nikki’s bed.

Next: Merry Christmas GC- the holidays are for family and that’s what we are; we’re family now (Mariah’s hosting GC Buzz) …. What are you doing here? Vikki turns away from her Mom to address someone … I’m Reed Hellstrom – I need to talk to you about something (Rey turns) …. Nick (with Phyllis) is on the phone – I need to report a missing person … Mom didn’t get out of this bed on her own – someone kidnapped her, Nick tells Vikki (still with the phone to his ear)