Friday, December 21st

Nick rejoins Vikki outside their Mom’s room. Why isn’t Dad here? He must have heard how bad things are. Vikki worries Nikki can’t pull through without him.

Hearing the kids giggling as they wrap gifts, Billy lowers his voice and pretends to be Santa checking that Johnny and Katie are brushing their teeth. He and Reed then talk about Nikki. You two have a special bond. Yeah, I’m named after her, Reed worries that his grandma will die.

Returning to the Abbott house, Lola again complains about the cold while Kyle loves the snow at Christmas. Lola shifts gifts under the tree to reveal one for someone who’s been a very good boy this year.

Texting (likely with Billy) Vikki reports that Reed’s having a tough time. Nick’s left to chat to his Mom about the kids. Then comes the old ‘wake up’, ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘love you’s’. As he talks about her playing piano at the MS benefit, Nick speaks to Nikki’s strength and kisses her forehead. Nikki envisions herself playing piano.

Lola and Kyle discuss last night’s Rosales gathering, Lola’s success and toast to their first Christmas together.

Vikki now talks to her Mom about her strength in standing up to JT. It’s my turn to fight for you. Wake up. Nikki’s still – but in her head is seated at a piano and listening to Vikki’s encouragement.

The kids still awake upstairs, Billy thanks Reed for helping out. Your grandmother’s a fighter. Don’t say that, Reed snaps – my Dad was a fighter, so was Delia. Billy stresses the need to be there for Vikki.

I’ll be back tomorrow – stay strong, Vikki kisses her Mom and leaves her to play piano in her mind. She then replays Reed’s confession. It’ll be my fault, echoes in her head.

In the hallway, Vikki and Nick agree that being there for Mom is helping (but disagree on Victor) And when Nick offers to help out at NE, Vikki gets all chilly. That’s not necessary, she exits.