Thursday, December 20th

Nick at his Mom’s bedside, Nate has no good news for him. Yes, Nikki’s tough but the longer she remains unconscious, the worse her prognosis is.

Reed sits quietly in the shadows while Billy chatters about Johnny (upstairs getting ready for the Christmas pageant – Hannah’s taking Katie to the movies) Worried about her Mom, Vikki blames herself for not knowing she was drinking. It’s not your fault! a suddenly animated Reed seems about to confess when Johnny’s appearance in his snowman costume distracts everyone. Nick then calls to tell Vikki that she better get to the hospital.

Lola’s impressed with the Abbott home ‘winter wonderland’. Call-me-Jack comes down to take credit for the tree and after some gushing about Lola’s upcoming gig as head chef informs her and Kyle that they inspired him to plan an ‘epic’ evening for Kerry. After Kyle changes into something more casual they’re off to the Rosales family gathering.

Mia’s excited about the family coming to their new home and being in a better place with Rey. He’s not nearly as festive and less so when hearing that Mia invited Sharon over – thinking they should be friends.

Sharon drops off coffee and treats to Nick at GCM – how’s Nikki? Not good, Nick tears up – she’s not getting better and he wishes he could have relieved some of her stress. I’m so sorry, Sharon gives Nick a hug – which Phyllis arrives to see.

Arturo puts a gift on Nick’s desk (which Abby’s sitting behind) Invited to ‘Rey’s’, Abby knows she’s being bribed to go to Mia’s turf.

Vikki must go to the hospital instead of Johnny’s pageant. And when Reed insists on going too, Billy understands and will explain to Johnny.

Did something happen to Nikki? Phyllis quickly replaces Sharon’s spot in Nick’s arms. It’s very kind of you to come by for Nick, she comments. Nikki is my kids’ grandmother, Sharon reminds that personal issues should be put aside in a crisis. Phyllis frowns at Nick as his ex leaves.

Updated on Nate’s grim news Phyllis claims that she’s happy Sharon made Nick feel better. He just got bad news and doesn’t want her to read anything into it. When Vikki and Reed arrive, Nick and Phyllis both hope the ‘scum’ hit and run driver is caught and spends new years behind bars. Vikki proceeds Reed into Nikki’s room. There’s so much we want to say to you, she snifles.

Back at Dark Horse, Arturo denies his gift is a bribe. We can’t change our family’s – but we can show them how strong we are together. Convinced, of course Abby’s going to the Rosales dinner. She opens her gift and puts her new jacket on (though she isn’t enthused about wearing it ‘camping’ – even if Arturo bought a ‘camper shell’ for his truck.