Monday, December 24th

After welcoming Jack and Kerry the party at CL’s, Sharon gets a scolding from Mariah for not making Tessa feel welcome. When Billy and Vikki stop by, Sharon wanders over and informs that Rey’s there – just to unwind like everyone else. Kerry and Jack offer Vikki a few supportive words.

On the patio, Tessa tells Mariah that she got a text from Crystal. She’s going to spend Christmas with her sister because she doesn’t know anyone in Canada. Mariah knows she’s lying and won’t choose between her Mother and the woman she loves; or lose either one of them. Tessa understands why Sharon hates her – you’ll be better off if I leave. Sharon appears to watch.

At Nikki’s bedside, Phyllis paints the picture of how Nikki should be spending her Christmas. Channel your anger towards whoever ran you over. Wake the hell up and stop Victor from being framed for JT’s murder.

In the waiting room, Noah tells Nick that Summer’s decided to stay in Dubai. They wonder where Victor is. He needs to come home for Mom, Nick then introduces Noah to to Nate. The latests tests show no change. Implying that Nikki could die at any moment, he thinks the family should be here.

** I was so busy Christmas shopping that I forgot it was Monday. As such, I missed the first 15 minutes of the show. I assume it was a lot of ‘wake up Nikki’.

Chatting with Jack and Kerry, Billy’s happy to see Vikki laughing.

As Kerry chats with Mia and Rey, Sharon serves Mariah and Tessa hot cider. She promises to be civil. It’s the best she can do for the daughter she loves. Sharon gives her a hug and leaves the ladies to kiss.

As Sharon takes Vikki to get some sugar cookies for the kids (on the house) Billy hears that Jack’s taking Kerry to Bora Bora. He really likes her. Nick calls – Nate thinks we should say our goodbye’s. Rey overhears then gets an earful from Vikki (who’s pissed that he hasn’t caught the driver) After she and Billy leave, the Rosales bid all a good evening; Rey vowing to find out who did this to Nikki. Mariah and Jack think Sharon should be there. Kerry understands that Jack wants to be there too.