Monday, December 24th

In the hallway, Phyllis remains optimistic – Noah pessimistic, while Nick’s in the middle and refuses to give up either. Vikki and Billy arrive with all three kids. After some chit chat, Billy takes the kids off so the adults can ask adult questions. Sharon’s surprised to see Noah (who offers to get Faith but appreciates Phyllis doing it) Jack’s also on the scene when Rey gets a frosty welcome then is told to get the hell out. Nate comes out to referee and give the family the OK to go stt Nikki (while Rey takes him aside for questioning) Vikki leads all in bowing their heads to ask for a miracle.

Outside the hospital, Mariah thanks Tessa for going along with her idea. It’ll mean a lot to everyone, Tessa’s sure (guitar strapped to her back and gift bags in hand)

Billy, Vikki and the kids visit Nikki. I love you Grandma, Johnny chirps. Billy then takes the kids out so Reed and Vikki can let Nikki know how much she’s loved. Asking for some time alone, Reed texts Charlie – he’s going to confess to the cop that’s here.

Jack describes a happy memory from when he was married to Nikki; she and the scenery so beautiful. I could see your soul that day, he sniffles at her bedside. I let you down, didn’t know how much you were struggling. Please don’t go.

Nick, Sharon and Noah are next to try will Nikki to wake up. All three are stunned when she squeezes Noah’s hand.

Most of team Nikki gathered outside holding candles, Mariah leads them in another session of bowed thoughts and prayers.

Back inside, Nick’s trying to convince Nate that Nikki squeezed Noah’s hand.

Outside, Tessa sings Silent Night as all try to hold it together. Reed slows his candle out and heads inside to introduce himself to Detective Rosales – can I talk to you about something? Charlie races in to say this is a mistake. Sorry to bother you, Reed’s left to tell Charlie that he doesn’t know how long he can keep this secret?

Nate tells Sharon, Nick and Noah that Nikki’s squeeze was an involuntary reflex. Nick storms out for some air. Sharon and Noah have caught up by the time they all join the singalong.

Inside, someone’s entered Nikki’s room. Merry Christmas my darling, Victor takes her hand.