Tuesday, December 25th

On the air, Mariah talks about family; that’s what the holidays are about. This year, just like last year, everyone’s favourite billionaire, Devon, is running GC’s toy drive. She then talks about the dearly departed, Hilary.

At home, as Mariah’s narration plays in the background, Devon displays a Christmas card from Hilary (responsible for so much joy and still with us in the smiles of children opening gifts etc.) Anna watches her brother…. Vikki and Billy smile as Johnny and Katie run to the tree to open presents. Jack’s at home watching Dina as she gazes at the tree…. Victor’s watching Nikki sleep…. Pour a little of whatever floats your boat and sprinkle it with some Christmas cheer, Mariah smiles into the camera.

As Billy plays with the kids and their new toys, Vikki gets a business related text. Yes, she does have to take care of it right now.

Victor talks about all he and Nikki have taught one another – he taught her about place settings, she taught him about love. Feel how my heart beats for you. Come back to me.

Mariah’s show continues with a letter from Corrina that shows there’s always a way to keep holiday memories alive. At home, Dina’s having a lucid moment – she remembers helping ‘Jacky’ making his tree ornament. She knows her memory’s fading and she’ll soon be difficult to handle but will always love Jack ~hug~

As Jack continues to reminisce, Dina suddenly asks – who are you?

Nate and Anna are trying to pick out a movie to watch on TV but nix anything that might upset Devon. He won’t forget that this is his first Christmas without Hilary but is happy be spending it with Anna. They then discuss the last Christmas they were together – with Yolanda (who was clean and sober)

Devon and Nate ask Anna about her singing then Grandmas 7 layer bars. Nate hopes they have the recipe. Anna sure does and already bought the ingredients. As she and Nate go to the kitchen to start making them, Devon pauses to read Hilary’s Christmas card again.

Commercial break over, Mariah’s near tears over sweet memories her viewers are sending in – some including people no longer with us.

Flashback to a much younger Victor giving a much younger Nikki a fur coat. She feels like a queen and looks like an angel. Now a more recent flashback from the MS benefit. I need you more than ever – come back to me, baby, Victor implores.

Refusing to let Vikki work on Christmas, Billy wrestles the phone from her hand and tells the kids about the fun Mom’s lined up for them today; skating and hot chocolate.

We’re back? Oh, we’re back, Mariah puts her gingerbread cookie and hot chocolate aside to continue the show.