Tuesday, December 25th

Jack serves Dina hibiscus tea as she (or Mariah) prattles on about cherishing holiday memories – all of them. Flashback to Dina complaining to a teenage Jacky about being stuck at home. She has much more fun on her trips. She’s about to show Jacky some photos but a friend calls. Dina’s about to leave but, much to Jacky’s delight decides to stay with him instead. 40+ years later, in the very same spot, Jack hugs his Mother.

Back at the penthouse, Devon, Nate and Anna enjoy the 7 layer dessert bars they made and talk. Nate shares what an influence Malcolm was on him (when married to his Mother)

Billy and the kids come in with snowballs to go in the freezer. Best Christmas ever! Johnny cries out.

In her new fur coat, Nikki tells Victor that this is the happiest Christmas of her life. An aged Victor kisses Nikki’s hand as she sleeps.

Nate’s further along in his grieving process. Devon has extra free space in his mind and energy. Therapy is helping with the panic attacks. He tells a story that illustrates Hilary’s
determination; she was in constant motion. A woman like that can change the world. Able to relate, Nate talks about Caroline – she was low-key but determined.

The kids now in bed, Vikki thanks Billy for the good day. They discuss Delia beating cancer – in the end, it’s not what took her from us. Tea parties and Pinkerton the Pony, he sighs. I’m a screw-up, Billy recalls Delia encouraging him to not be naughty. This was a good day, Vikki repeats – you did that, Billy You give us something no one else can. Vikki almost looks smitten.

Mariah thanks her audience (even those on the message boards are being kind to one another) This snow globe belonged to Cassie, the twin sister Mariah never got to meet. It means so much to her. Reach out to someone, she advises….. Montages show Vikki and Billy looking cozy … Jack kisses a sleeping Dina – reach out now not later, Mariah adds… Victor’s now in bed beside Nikki, stroking her cheek. Let’s spread the love all year round. From all of us here to you a home – happy holidays from The Young and The Restless…. and from me. Merry Christmas!!