Wednesday, December 26th

The curtains drawn, Victor tells a sleeping Nikki that he has to go but will be back soon. Seconds after he leaves, Nate enters Nikki’s room and looks a bit confused.

Phyllis brings Nick and Noah coffee. Billy, Vikki and Reed arrive. No updates but Mom made it through the night.

After breakfast at Kyle’s, Lola snickers when he lists the things he ‘loves’ about her. This is really working out ~kiss~

At the club, Anna sends Fen off to get her a cappuccino then expresses her annoyance with Devon – don’t act like you discovered Fen; it was all me.

Nikki? Can you hear me? Seeing her eyes are open, Nate runs out to update the family (and now Jack) that there’s been a change – this could be the break we’ve been waiting for.

Peppered with questions, Nate asks everyone to be patient until he knows more and ensures Nikki’s stable. Aside, Reed looks worried. I’m fine, he assures Billy. Wonderful news, Vikki comes along to add. Nearby, the others wonder where Victor is. Nate’s in with Nikki – who nods weakly as he talks about everyone pulling for her. She can receive visitors, briefly, a few at a time.

Seated with Devon, Anna whines; she HAS paid her dues (as a performer) Devon doesn’t want to minimize Anna’s experience or eye for talent but it’s hard to make money in the music business. There’s a lot more to it than finding raw talent. Devon also wants to sing whoever wrote that song – can you make that happen? No, Anna can’t.

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Nate delivers good news; Nikki’s recovery – you can see her a few at a time. Nick offers thanks and a handshake then runs to Nikki’s bedside with Vikki. What happened the night of the party? Nick asks. Where’s your Father? I had a dream, she croaks – he was here. He gave me strength. I believe you, Vikki whispers.

At LaVida Lola, on the CL’s patio, Kerry buys a sandwich and notes the designer purse. Like father, like son – Jack’s taking me to Bora Bora. They only made 800 of these purses – may I? See – #427, Kerry leaves saying she’s envious. Lola doesn’t look happy.

Anna tells Devon that the songwriter lives back East and wants nothing to do with the music industry. That’s why he uses a pen name. Calling Fen over, Devon asks what he thinks of the lyrics he sang. Fen’s obviously a fan. Devon wants to meet the writer. OK, Anna will see what she can do – there will be restrictions. After Devon leaves, Fen apologizes to Anna (for not standing up for her the other day at the studio) She understands and would have done the same thing. Fen knows it was Anna’s song.

Jack’s next to visit Nikki. Yes, he knows she was drinking. Once she heals they can go to as many AA meetings as she needs. I’m here 100%.

In the hallway, Vikki can barely contain her excitement as she thanks Billy for his support (someone watches them hug through the blinds)