Wednesday, December 26th

Billy and a reluctant Reed follow Vikki back in to see Nikki while Nick thanks Phyllis for her support (she thinks he should thank Sharon too)

Anna admits she wrote the song but Fen can’t tell Devon. He doesn’t understand why she’d hide it. I was robbed, Anna says.

Nick jumps into Nate’s car as he’s about to leave to thank him. I’m a man who knows how to show his appreciation; Victor hiring you was one of the best decisions he ever made. You ever need anything, call me. After Nick jumps out, Victor leans forward to say that he can’t go to Nikki – he’ll be arrested. The driver will try again. Victor can’t go to the police – he’s asking Nate for help.

Lola’s summoned Kyle to the patio – she looked up the purse and is outraged that he spent 5K.

Phyllis asks Vikki to sit down for a private chat. Did Nikki say anything about the ‘accident’? We need to figure out what’s going on. It’s better we ask than the cops.

Noah on one side, Reed on the other, Nikki explains that things are vague – it was a long dream. It’s been a tough year, Nikki’s sorry she added to their worries. What kind of Grandma ruins Christmas? the boys chuckle.

Sure it’s unorthodox but Victor wouldn’t ask Nate if this wasn’t an emergency. Nate points out that Nikki barely pulled out of this. You’ll be well compensated – are you going to help or am I wasting my time right now? Victor barks.

Anna explains her writing process and how a mentor helped her. She wrote and sang an EP; 5 tracks. An industry pro offered to shop it around. She was so excited she barely read the contract and signed over ownership of her song. Anna doesn’t need to be famous; she’s OK with helping Fen (so don’t tell Devon)

Yes, Jack’s absolutely sure. Now that Nikki’s recovering, they can go to Bora Bora. In fact, it was HER idea that we jet off. Then let’s not disappoint her, Kerry gives Jack a kiss.

Kyle doesn’t think cost is the ony way to judge worth. He loves this watch and just wanted to give Lola something she would like. If you don’t understand why I’m upset, you don’t ‘get’ me and if you think I’m overreacting you don’t respect me either. Dumping the contents of her purse into a take-out food bag, she leaves Kyle holding the empty purse. Are you saying we’re over? he calls out as Lola exits.

Nick, Vikki and Phyllis are stunned to return to Nikki’s room and find it empty. Where’d she go?!