Thursday, December 27th

Nick and Vikki are flabbergasted to find Nikki’s bed empty – maybe she was taken for more tests? No, Phyllis looked into that. Nick calls the police to report his Mom missing- she didn’t leave on her own – someone kidnapped her! Meanwhile, Nikki’s asleep, traveling in an ambulance.

How does a hospital let something like this happen!? We’ll sue GCM into oblivion! Nick then directs his anger at Rey – you have no idea who burned down the stables, why would we believe the cops can find my Mom? Vikki’s more diplomatic (but also not impressed thus far) Rey will check security footage and interview staff. Nick and Vikki feel like suspects, not victims. Nick issues more threats – someone wants to hurt my Mom – hopefully, it’s not too late already!

Rey just wants the truth – it’s his job to protect the community and he WILL find Nikki. Nick will put NE’s security team on the job. Whoa, what ‘resources’ and ‘methods’ are you talking about? You don’t wanna know – Nick denies he’s emotional. Rey warns them not to do anything illegal or get in his way. Same goes for you, Nick snarls. Rey walks down the hall to make a call – Nick’s a loose cannon – track his phone. Vikki will try Nate. He’s probably asleep, Nick figures.

As Nate tends to Nikki in the ambulance, Nick makes calls – Rey wants to find Mom but he wants to find Victor more. Phylis can’t imagine what’s keeping him away from Nikki. Nick’s sure it’s self-preservation – he knows he’ll be arrested. Vikki maintains that Dad would be here if he knew about Mom’s condition.

Nate orders the ambulance driver to hurry up – and put the lights ‘n sirens on (drawing attention is better than Nikki dying)

George, the driver, won’t tell Nate where they’re going (for his own safety) He rejoins Nikki – who’s coming out of her sedation. He’ll tell her more when she’s more alert (then admits he doesn’t know more) It was your husband’s idea.