Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019

When Cane later stops by Vikki’s, t/hey agree not to discuss the kiss – and that Reed and Charlie should confess to Nikki that they were the ones who ran her over. Reed comes home and greets Cane. He’s to take a shower and then they’ll visit Nikki.

At casa Abbott, Jill tells Billy that she’s doing well and looking forward to what the new year brings. Billy agrees and reports that he and Phyllis are working well together (and that she’s with Nick) Hearing that he spent most of the holidays with Vikki and the kids, Jill sees no reason why Billy can’t reconcile with Vikki and be a good family man (like his Father, John) Get Vikki back and don’t let her go this time.

Nikki’s a bit surprised when Cane comes to visit – along with Vikki, Reed and Charlie. What is this about? The boys explain their version of the evening and express how very sorry they are. Cane and Vikki add that they didn’t know until recently; the boys will accept whatever consequences Nikki feels are appropriate. Nikki confides that she was drunk that night and stepped into the road without looking (absolving the boys of guilt)

After all forgive one another, Nikki thinks it best that Cane and Vikki punish their sons (not the police) After some hugs, Cane takes the boys home – leaving Vikki to say that she’ll extend Reed’s driving suspension. Nikki empathizes with the boys – she, of all people, knows what keeping such a secret does to a person. As such, she’s decided to confess to killing JT.

At home, Charlie accepts his Dad’s decision that he’ll have a curfew and won’t be driving the rest of the year. He also better understands why his Mom felt that she had no choice but to confess to causing the accident that killed Hilary.

Next: Victoria struggles with her feelings for Billy …. Cane confides in Jill …. Nikki takes matters into her own hands.