Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019

After a gentle scolding and reassuring Vikki and Nick that she is indeed fine, Nikki’s relieved to hear that no one’s being charged with her ‘kidnapping’ – but then horrified to learn that Victor’s been arrested and charged with JT’s murder. When Nick heads off to deal with his Dad’s legal problems (for his Mom’s sake) Nikki sends Vikki after him to make sure that egos and tempers don’t get in the way.

In a visiting room, Victor doesn’t need a lawyer or seem too concerned about being charged with murder. Nick offers to help (though, unlike Vikki, can’t say unequivocally that he believes his Dad innocent) Chris and Rosales have a good case, Nick points out, while Victor dismisses it as circumstantial and expects the charges to be dropped. 100% loyal and unwavering in her belief that her Dad’s innocent, Vikki’s asked to leave Father and son to talk. Victor knows that Nick also had motive to kill JT (abusing your sister – you impersonated him and hacked into NE) But knowing Nick wouldn’t put his Mom through all this (especially burning down the stables) Victor believes his son innocent and will accept his help.

At home, Cane tells Jill that the holidays were a kick in the teeth without Lily. Waving her bare ring finger, Jill confides that she and Collin spent New Year’s in different places and are on a break. Not every woman gets Mr Right (like Lily) Cane sighs – he’s not the husband Lily deserves. Scoffing at the idea that Cane’s a chip off the ole Collin block, Jill claims that everyone makes mistakes – including the kids. We must all earn from them. Cane knows what he needs to do.

Billy and Reed have a good talk at Vikki’s. Billy can relate to the guilt Reed’s feeling (and will always blame himself as much as Adam for Delia’s death) Reed’s ashamed to face his Mother. She’s loyal and will never turn her back on you, Billy reassures. When Vikki returns, Billy relays the talk. He’s made dinner (as evident by the apron) Appreciating Billy’s support and help, Vikki’s not sure the kiss indicates what Billy thinks it does – but suggests they both think on it.