Tuesday, January 1st, 2019

Ending their kiss Victoria backs away from Cane and says ‘I have to go’ and exits quickly. Cane’s left panting and calling her name.

Kyle and Fen bump into each other at Crimson lights. Fen taunts Kyle and boasts about kissing the hottest girl in town (Lola) on New Year’s Eve.

At the station Rey thinks Victor will have regrets about not calling his lawyer. Victor thinks Rey will be the one to have regrets.

As Fen and Kyle continue to argue, Lola arrives at Crimson lights to announce that she does not ‘belong’ to anybody. She’s not interested in being with either of them.

Seconds after Vicki arrives home Cane barges in wanting to talk about ‘the kiss’. Victoria does not.

** You might notice slight changes in today’s spoiler (such as the spelling of names) while I’m testing voice-to-text apps. I’m again unable to type due to injury/surgery complications. Say no to hoverboards kids!

Kyle interrupts Abby working at the club. I’m an idiot he announces. Updated, Abby agrees but tells Kyle not to give up. When their waiter, Fen, comes over the boys go at it again. Abby then gets an alert on her laptop; Mariah reports that Victor has been arrested for the murder of JT.

Both blaming the kiss on stress, Cane and Victoria agree not to tell anyone about it. Billy then arrives to wonder if he’s interrupting something.

Abby and Kyle watch Mariah interview Rey at the station. Victor has declined legal representation and has been denied bail due to being a flight risk. Shutting her laptop Abby is pissed about always being the last Newman to know everything. Leaving, she tells Kyle to fix his own life and leaves him to stare at Fen.