Thursday, January 3rd, 2019

The happy couple, Jack and Kerry, are back from Bora Bora but wondering why they ever left their island retreat. Billy interrupts them kissing – welcome back.

At GCM, Vicki discourages her Mother from confessing to JT’s murder. Dad is strong, he has resources – he can take whatever’s thrown at him – can you say the same for yourself?

Still it Cane’s, Jill presses him for answers – you can talk to me. If you keep it bottled up too long you’ll explode. Cane admits that he kissed another woman.

After almost just losing her mother, Vikki won’t let her blow her second chance at life. A confession will take Nikki from the hospital to the infirmary. Don’t worry about Dad, she reiterates – focus on your own recovery. OK, Nikki promises.

‘Bora-Boring’ Billy with vacation photos Jack then gives him a souvenir he brought back. You shouldn’t have, you really shouldn’t have, Billy is underwhelmed by the straw hat. After Kerry excuses herself, Billy informs Jack that while they were sunning themselves on a beach all hell broke loose with the Newmans. The news reports didn’t cover the half of it – wait till you hear this …

Jill is the last person to judge but if Cane’s not attracted to this woman how did his lips end up on hers? There is no ‘other woman’ and she is the last woman Cane would want to have a relationship with. Jill knows there’s a fine line between love and hate. After everything that happened with Juliet, Cane has decided to tell Lily the truth.

Vikki unburdens herself to her psychiatrist. Her Dad being charged with murder, her mother almost dying – it all comes back to Vikki (And her decision to let J.T. back into her life) And how is Vikki dealing with all this? I kissed two men in one day – what does that say about how I’m dealing?

Updated by Billy, Jack’s not too worried about Victor being behind bars but is sorry to hear about Nikki’s ordeal. Yes, he’s getting closer to Vikki – we kissed – and talked. I’m crazy about her – always have been, he admits. Forget the chemistry, Jack advises. You have to be 100% sure before making a move. Think of the kids. Are you really up to that?