Monday, January 7th, 2019

Vikki doesn’t think JT’s memorial should be held here at her place. Billy’s sorry – he should have checked with her before going along with Reed. What can I do? Vikki frets. Tell Reed you have to cancel it.

Nick tells Phyllis that aftr talking to Victor in jail, he might be telling the truth. Oh honey, Phyllis worries that if Nick goes down that path, he’ll regret it.

At the ,apartment Lola’s conducting a trial run of the menu she’s sampling for Abby and Devon. Rule #1 – focus on the food, not chit chat. Rule #2 – be honest.

At the penthouse, Anna’s not as enthused about Fen’s song as he and Devon are. The composition is all wrong.

When Devon and Anna disagree, Fen’s understandably reluctant to take a side – but since Devon’s the boss, it’s his call. Devon appreciates Anna’s input – we’re done here.

Vikki thinks it would be cruel to deny Reed the closure he needs (and will get by having the Memorial in this home)a

Phyllis knows that Victor’s capable of murder; JT abused Vikki and tried to kill him twice – so there’s motive. Heck, Victoreven announced on live tv that he was going after JT. Nick agrees; Dad has motive. Victor’s counting on the Newmans circling the wagons, Phyllis implores. You always end up feeling used and betrayed. Just walk away – focus on what you’ve achieved ~hug~

Lol tries to force bonding between Rey and Kyle by way of hockey (as spectators not players) No customers in the kitchen, Rey shoos Kyle away from Lola (who agrees – she needs her space)

Devon’s just trying to teach Anna – not dismiss her opinions. She knows that wasn’t his intention. When he goes upstairs to take a call, Anna grills Fen – do you think this song is the best it can be. Fen empathizes – but Devon knows what he’s talking about. Anna mocks Fen’s diplomacy and asks for a final cut so she can rework it. You won’t regret this, she grins when a reluctant Fen sends her the file.

So, how was the first course? Cooked to perfection, but Mia and Rey note that it wasn’t as authentic – offbrand. Lolas trying to widen her brand. Kyle has to agree – thsi food was made by a great chef – any great chef. A flustered Lola gathers up, then drops the plates.

Vikki out for a bit, Reed confides in Billy about his Mom and Dad’s complicated relationship. Be straight with me Billy – would Mom prefer I call the whole thing off?

Vikki’s disappointed (and seems to blame Phyllis) when Nick shows no support or sympathy for their Father.

On the CL’s patio, Fen agrees that Anna’s version of the song is way better than Devon’s mix. He’ll be more collaborative if you tell him you wrote the song. Anna wants to stay anonymous – but still work on Fen’s career.

Kyle leads the apologies – then reassures Lola that she WILL make her dreams a reality. It’s too much – Lola wants to call Abby to tell her she needs a new head chef.

Your Mom’s onboard and at your Uncle Nick’s inviting him to the memorial. You need to do this for your Dad. She needs to do this for you.

After Nick leaves, Vikki suspects Phyllis is all about revenge when it comes to her Father. You’re damn right it is, she agrees.

Though Lola wants to be left alone, Kyle gives her a pep talk – Devon and Abby hired you because of what you bring to the table – literally – authentic cuisine only you can give them. Rey and Mia appear to agree (and share funny stories) You earned and deserve this opportunity. Convinced, Lola gets back to the kitchen.

Back at the penthouse, Anna plays the revised track. Different doesn’t mean better, what Devon feels is offended – you went behind my back again. When Anna takes all the blame, Devon asks him to leave. Don’t be too tough on her, Fen concludes by saying that Anna has plenty of talent. Anna’s sorry. Devon feels taken advantage of. No longer able to trust his sister, he doesn’t think she has a place at LP.

He served a prison term for what he did to you and Jack, Vikki reminds. A few months of a 10 year sentence – the longer Victor serves, the happier Phyllis will be.

Yes, Devon did mean it (that he can’t trust Anna) Back off, please (he leaves Anna pouting alone at home)

All more impressed with the next dishes, Mia takes Rey out for a walk so Lola can thank Kyle with a kiss.

Billy rejoins Reed with pizza (can’t plan a memorial on an empty stomach) Reed appreciates the help and support.

How will Nikki feel when she finds out you’re trying to put Victor behind bars/ Phyllis couldn’t give a rats ass. You have Daddy issues – Victor’s as vile as JT ever was and deserves whatever he got! Vikki’s slap barely slows Phyllis down – you don’t want to threaten me, she warns. I just did, Vikki has the last word.