Tuesday, January 8th, 2018

Leaving a note propped up for Devon, Anna wheels her luggage out.

‘Victor Newman denied bail’; Jack’s reading the news online when Abby comes down to defend her innocent Father – whom the press loves writing about. She blames Chris more than Rey and is sure it will all go away; Victor will be released soon. But you’ve already decided he’s guilty, Abby accuses her Uncle Jack.

In his cell, Victor’s already in need of a shave.

Kyle finds Lola on the patio. For once, she’s stricken by stress and ‘nerves’ over her menu presentation for Abby and Devon (which she’s picking up off the floor; paperwork not the food 😉

At CL’s, Nate assumes Anna’s brought her luggage because Devon’s sending her away on business. No, she’s leaving and not coming back.

Yes, Jack does indeed think that Victor will go to trial. He doesn’t want to think him guilty of murder but let’s face it; Victor’s no stranger to revenge and given our history …. That doesn’t make him a murderer, Abby argues. Jack doesn’t want to fight or make things worse for Abby; even Victor would want you to focus on the great things going on in your life. Rant over, Abby invites Jack to come sample Lola’s menu. He wished he could but has something important to do.

Back on the CL’s patio, Lola picks up papers she’s dropped and admits to Kyle that she’s excited but terrified. Kyle reminds that the preview was good – they all agreed that she needs to just be herself. Lola continues to worry; she wants this more than anything. Kyle encourages; there’s nothing left to do but ‘lock it down’.

Inside, seated with Nate, Anna confides that Devon no longer trusts her. How can she stay in his home and work for him?  Devon doesn’t want or need my help. He does, Nate insists (but can see that Anna’s hurt) Let me help – come across the hall anytime to vent to me. Don’t give up on Devon; just one more try, he implores.

Devon comes home with a Fenmore’s bag – Anna? Anna? Spotting the note, he seems to know what it is without so much as picking it up.

A guard lets Victor out of his cage – you have a visitor. Who? I dunno.