Friday, January 4th, 2019

After reading (online) about her handsome hero husband solving JT’s murder, Mia kisses the most handsome man alive. Don’t be late, she coos as Rey leaves for work.

In a jailhouse visiting room, Nikki hugs Victor – I’m so sorry. No, it’s HIS fault the plan to leave the country didn’t work but Victor’s sure he’ll beat the charges against him. Nikki has to confess a terrible thing she did – this mess is all my fault.

At her place, Billy translates Vikki wanting to go slow as her being not interested in a relationship. She’s confused – if they try again, things have to be different. Vikki needs to feel grounded, and she’s still affected by what happened with JT. Billy puts the straw hat back on Vikki’s head and gives her a kiss. I guess you moved on from Dad, Reed comes home to observe.

At the club with her Mom, Mariah finds it a bit weird that Sharon’s texting Arturo to do home repairs (since his brother is investigating JT’s murder) She doesn’t feel bad at all that Victor’s behind bars for a murder he didn’t commit. But, since Sharon does, Mariah wonders what she plans to do about it.

When Arturo lets himself into the apartment above CL’s and sets his toolbag down, Mia screams and covers herself with a towel.

Me kissing Billy has nothing to do with your Father, Vikki reassures. Oh well, not like Reed thought she’d get back with his Dad anyway. She doesn’t want to be with me either, Billy quips. Coulda fooled me, Reed has nothing against Billy – he’s just thrown off by what he walked in on. Whether or not his grandfather killed his Dad, Reed’s dealing with too much crap to go back to school right now. After he sulks his way upstairs, Vikki tells Billy that there’s more going on than he knows.

Back at the club, Sharon worries about Mariah keeping her secret – you had to lie on GC Buzz yesterday. No, Mariah didn’t lie; she just reported Victor’s arrest. He can hire the best defence money can buy. Yes, but Sharon must do something to help Victor. Rey’s smart, it’s not a road you want to go down, Mariah cautions against it.

Holding hands across the table, Nikki confesses that she was drinking – whoever hit me didn’t even know I was there. Blame me. No, Victor blames himself for not being there and wonders if Nikki drinking again had anything to do with what happened to JT.