Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

Nick wants Sharon’s (victim liaison) notes on Nikki. That’s not how it works. She again looks nervous when Rey also asks why Nick’s suddenly so convinced of his Father’s innocence.

A conflicted Mia obsesses outloud about Arturo. He doesn’t want anything to do with her (yet looks equally conflicted)

Nick’s home for round two with Phyllis (who apologizes, gushes support and fishes for info) What did Nikki say to you?

Cane and Lily are like oil and water. The Paris fantasy hurts her. Lily doesn’t want to hear Cane read the essay Mattie wrote about her. She needs to cut the visit short to go teach her class. Cane’s lack of empathy about her fellow inmates makes Lily wonder if he’s been listening to her at all.

After Nick leaves, Sharon and Rey have an awkward chat about their sleepover. He tries to convince both of them that he loves Mia. His one rule is to never be the man his Father was. (It’s clear that he’s fighting feelings for Sharon)

Cane grovels and pleads with Lily to postpone her class. She can’t believe he’s making her choose. It doesn’t feel like we’re on the same side. I’m not the one walking away, Cane’s words cause Lily to leave angry.

Arturo tells Mia how it works – people don’t forget their first love but they move on (which is what she should do with Rey)

Phyllis badgers Nick until he blurts out ‘My Mom ….. knows my Dad the best’. If she says he’s innocent, I believe her. Relieved, Phyllis hugs Nick. I’m with you.

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