Monday, January 14th, 2019

Devon comes downstairs to find Anna listening to competitors music. Listen to what we just dropped today, he suggests. Anna’s thrilled to hear Fen’s song (which she wrote and composed) Thank you! she jumps up to give him a hug.

At the club with his parents, Fen’s Mom is excited about his first released single. Mike grudgingly agrees – my son the pop star.

Jack’s made a surprise visit to Jabot to take Kerry out to breakfast.

Nick visits Victor. No, not to gloat. Now believing him innocent, he wants to get him out. Until recently you believed me guilty of murder, Victor wonders what changed.

After dropping Reed off at the airport, Vikki swings by the ranch to hear that Nikki dumped all the alcohol. She gasps at the site of the poker (clearly no longer at the bottom of the lake)

Not explaining his sudden epiphany? Nick admits he was wrong and wants his Dad out asap. Chris fought hard to lock me up. And the Judge agrees. Hiring a lawyer didn’t help but Nick’s taking charge now. How the hell do you think you’re talking to? Victor scowls.

** No time for spellcheck etc. I have a hair appointment. These roots aren’t gonna dye themselves!!

This can’t be the same poker – how did it get here? Vikki’s also stunned to hear that Nick knows everything.

Devon and Anna toast with Mimosas. He got over himself and realized her mix of Fen’s song was better – like she had a personal connection to it. Good job. Devon’s glad Anna defied him – you have a future in the music business. So does whoever wrote the song.

Still seated at the club. Mike and Lauren have listened to Fen’s song on earbuds. Even Mike’s impressed. Fen then hands over his phone to show them the best part (the song’s being streamed like crazy) Leaving for work, Mike now believes singing may be what Fen was born to do. Lauren asks the waiter for two glasses of champagne.