Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

At home, Cane gets an update on what the twins did last night and reports having a good visit with Lily. Hearing that her essay wasn’t read, Mattie knows her Dad’s hiding something.

At Vikki’s, Billy recalls it being the third year anniversary of the hit and run that almost killed him – and the visions he had of Delia; Vikki asking him to come home, move back in. Is that what Billy’s there to talk about?

Phyllis is at the ranch to accuse Nikki of blabbing to Nick. What did you tell him? Fine, I told him I killed JT, she admits.

The new and improved Billy is sensitive to Vikki’s needs. He knows he has a lot to fix (including not dropping by unannounced) and that Vikki needs time. He won’t screw up again. Let’s start with a no-pressure lunch. Vikki would love to.

Hearing his song playing at CL’s, Fen’s delighted that neither or Sharon or his Mom orchestrated it – it’s an online playlist of what’s trending. Sharon hopes Fen has better luck with his music than Tessa (who was dropped by Devon and now can’t find work) Fen appreciates the reality check and won’t quit his day job.

Neil’s back in town and at Devon’s penthouse. Anna beams as they listen to Fen’s song. He’s good, smooth – but Neil likes the song itself – who wrote it? Devon doesn’t know – the writer wants to remain private, like the Banksy of music. That could be a problem, Neil warns.

Anna explains that her writer friend hates the spotlight and wants to keep a low profile. Maybe he was once burned by a producer, Neil suggests they tell this writer that they can’t move forward unless he reveals himself (but agrees not to push him – for now) Conversation now turns to how Devon’s turned his life around – Lily needs you more. Devon then gets a call that alarms him – are you serious?

Cane tells the twins to stop bickering – he’s not lying, he just hasn’t told them everything; some things in a relationship are private. After how things ended with Shawna, Charlie gets it – and is glad his parents worked things out.