Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

At home, Phyllis is stunned to hear that Nick’s hired Mike and that he managed to get Victor another bail hearing. He knows his Dad didn’t kill JT.

Cane surprises Lily with a visit. All that matters right now is seeing her.

At CL’s, Sharon pays Arturo and thanks him for fixing the furnace. She’s taken aback when he says he’s very busy so will give her the name of a repairman she can call next time.

Cold air from the fridge triggers memories of Arturo but she’s made to celebrate Rey coming home to her. After flashing back to sharing a bed with Sharon, Rey promises to always come home to Mia.

Mia reheated Lola’s food for breakfast in hopes that Rey will take the day off work. The praise works; he carries her to the bedroom.

Cane wants to be a better husband to Lily. We’ll get through this together. She doesn’t look convinced.

Nick and Phyllis continue to butt heads over Victor. What’s changed? He sucked you back in, she scolds. What’s up with you? Nick wonders why Phyllis wants him to believe his Father’s guilty.

Lily has good news; she been given a GED teaching position. Surprising since she has no degree. Cane thinks that amazing; he’s so proud and doesn’t want her to feel shame.

Nick assumes Phyllis wants Victor to go to prison for a murder he didn’t commit because he didn’t pay for what he did to her. Phyllis again wonders why Nick’s now so sure his Dad’s innocent. What did Nikki say to you!?

Now dressed, thirsty and satisfied, Mia jokes with Rey. He’s so happy. We’re good for each other they agree ~kiss~

At the station, things are awkward between Sharon and Rey (who then tells a reporter that he’s got a good case against Victor, who hasn’t hired a lawyer) Nick marches over to give an aggressive, contradictory statement. After the reporter leaves, he assures Rey, with confidence, that Victor did not kill JT. Sharon looks panicked.

Getting a text from Mia, Arturo’s been summoned over to hear how well things are going with Rey. But she can’t stop thinking about him (Arturo)

Holding hands across the table, Cane updates her on the kids. Mattie’s doing OK, Charlie not so much. Cane’s having a hard go of it too. He frantically blathers on about their Paris fantasy until Lily sharply orders him to stop.