Wednesday, February 6th, 2019.

Mia thinks Nikki will need her favourite stylist (since she’ll be in the courthouse and all over the media when Victor’s tried) Is that insensitive? No, Rey admires her drive. Hearing that it was Sharon who found key evidence, Mia gripes until Rey wins her over with a kiss.

Sharon has no idea how long they have – it could be weeks or days. Nick knows it was hard for Sharon to give the recording to the police. Faith will be crushed. Sharon too – we’ve had our differences but part of me will always be a Newman.

Nick appreciates Sharon’s loyalty to the family (especially in light of how he’s treated her) The Newmans appreciate it. Worried, Sharon lists a ‘litany’ of crimes. Nick can’t stand the thought of Victor going to prison for something he didn’t d. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for his Dad – or Sharon. He must tell his family what’s going on.

Summer’s sorry she caused trouble for Kyle and Lola – why is she a virgin anyway? She shares that Phyllis and Lauren want to raffle him and Fen off at a charity auction on Valentines’ Day. Mariah glares.

Hearing that Sharon didn’t just delete the recording, Nikki’s frustrated. Mike arrives to say that he heard the tape and that there’s no time to refute it – Victor’s trial starts tomorrow.

Needing to talk to Kyle, Mariah chases Summer off and scolds him – what if Lola caught you two yukking it up?

On the patio, Mia encourages Lola to open up (and immediately guesses there’s another woman involved)

Mike plays the recording for Victor, Nick and Nikki. That’s our voices but not how the conversation went down, they insist that it’s taken out of context. Mike says that this is the time to tell him anything they’ve left out. Nikki stands to confess but is stopped by Nick and Victor.

Mia’s surprised to hear that Lola’s not having sex with Kyle and even more surprised that she’s a virgin. Having sex will make you and Kyle closer; go to him and make things right. You’ll thank me in the morning.