Wednesday, February 6th, 2019.

Startled by Victor, Nikki hates feeling unsafe in her own home. Victor’s on it – no one will get in here uninvited ever again. Regarding the recording of Nick and Victor, Nikki also hates that her fate lies in Sharon’s hands.

Sharon drops by Nicks’ to apologize – there was no way she could get rid of the recording. Nick’s disappointed but understands and appreciates even knowing about it. How long before it gets ‘kicked upstairs’? It’s done, Sharon reports.

At home, Mia gives Rey a kiss for last night – and another for solving his big case. Rey looks forward to having more time on his hands – nothing will stand in the way of our second chance this time ~kiss~

Having waited until Kyle’s gone, Lola’s at the house to confide to Abby that they had a BIG fight last night.

Morning handsome – a flirtatious Summer joins Kyle’s table at the club as he’s looking at a smiling Lola on his phone.

Sharon wishes there was something she could do to help (after giving the DA the only real evidence they have) Nick must now figure out what to do next.

Lola details her fight with Kyle – in the middle of CL’s – with Summer having a front row seat. She knows I’m a virgin now. Lola’s not ashamed of that but knows Summer won’t let it go. Abby points out that Kyle’s a big boy – he makes his own decisions. Yeah, well – he decided to stay with Summer after I left.

At the club, Summer tells Kyle what she’d say to Lola if she were him. I’m sorry – it was all my fault.