Tuesday, February 5th, 2019

Devon and Anna have closed the club to host a private event; Fen’s launch party. Anna’s sure he’ll be a big success. Devon hopes so. Anna texts Fen – come early, Devon’s nervous.

Mariah drops by the station to interrupt her Mom’s hard work (reading email crime tips) Updated about Tessa’s new job, Sharon hopes Mariah didn’t give the impression that she’s homophobic (basically) No, she won’t contradict what Mariah told Abby and Lola. She’s then left to get back to her tip-line emails. One with the title ‘Proof that Victor Newman is a murderer’ catches her eye.

Kyle finds Lola in her usual spot – on the CL’s patio tallying up her pop up restaurant receipts before moving onto planning the new restaurant. Dinner and a movie with Mariah and Tessa, he pleads. Lola agrees that things have been a bit off – and that she needs a break.

Sharon puts her earphones on to listen to a .wav file of Victor and Nick discussing getting rid of the murder weapon. After what JT did to him (and Vikki) Victor declares that he had to die. Sharon’s startled when Rey appears to ask what she’s listening to. Looks like you’ve seen a ghost.

Sharon lies – her eyes are glazed over from reading all these tips. Should I just delete the ones that aren’t going anywhere? Not unless you want to get fired (Rey points out that everything must be retained and documented – so it doesn’t come back to haunt us) Allowing Sharon to take a much-needed break, Rey hopes she comes back to find something worth investigating.

Neil wouldn’t miss Devon’s big night ~hug~

At CL’s, Fen explains to Summer that he doesn’t want to go to the club early (because he’s nervous) Mariah, Tessa, Kye and Lola drop by before they go to the movie. Summer thinks it’ll be fun to hang out for a bit. Let’s do it, Lola’s the only one to think that a good idea.

Sharon wastes no time accosting Nick at Dark Horse – she came across an anonymous tip that was emailed to the station; you and Victor talking about getting rid of the murder weapon. You didn’t say it was a poker – the police will think you mean the gun found in the stables. Nick recalls the conversation – since Mom was cut out, it’s just another attempt to frame Victor.

With Neil at the bar, Devon credits Anna (and other ways he’s learning to work through his grief)