Thursday, February 7th, 2019

At the club, paperwork spread out on the bar, Mike’s working on Victor’s case as the news reports details. Dressed for court, Nikki and Victor watch at home as the anchor ends her segment by saying that Victor could go to prison for life. Also watching in the respective homes, Nick and Phyllis, Vikki, Sharon and Mariah.

Scrambled or poached? Mia’s making Rey breakfast to start off his big day in court. He’s part of the team escorting Victor to the courthouse (since he’s a flight risk) and Mia’s proud that her husband prevented Victor from getting away with murder.

Phyllis worries that Chris could charge Nick with conspiracy or obstruction. Whoever’s been eavesdropping must have it in for Victor (since he could just as easily have exposed Nikki as the killer) Nick knows that his sister and Mom will have to live with that guilt.

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Sharon can’t help but be moved that Victor’s taking the fall to protect Nikki – he shouldn’t lose his freedom and reputation. Mariah’s surprised that Sharon’s praising Victor for being ‘noble’. Rey would hate being part of this if he knew the truth, Sharon alarms Mariah (who hopes she’s not thinking about confessing what she knows)

Abby opens her front door and gives Arturo a weepy hug. Leading him inside, she worries about her Dad’s fate and making it through this day. After the way Victor’s treated Arturo, she’s even more impressed by his support. Family comes first, Arturo respects Victor protecting his family. I’m such a mess, Abby apologizes – Newmans are supposed to be tough. If my Dad’s convicted, he won’t be able to walk me down the aisle ~hug~

Mia admires the way Rey looks in his suit but likes his cop uniform just as much. They reminisce about Arturo first bringing her to meet his Mom (and how she flirted with Rey) He admits to being madly in love with her even though she loved his brother. Years later when Mia was single again, she ran into Rey on the dancefloor – and felt woozy looking into his eyes that night – you were (and still are) intoxicating ~kiss~