Monday, February 11th, 2019

Home from Chicago, Phyllis is relieved when Nick comes home after spending the night at the ranch. She wasn’t able to reach him or Vikki – what’s going on? Mom confessed, Nick updates.

At Vikki’s, Billy wonders if Nikki confessed to stall Victor’s trial. He decides to say – just in case Vikki needs anything. I don’t know what I need, she leans on his shoulder.

Reporters clamoring outside can be heard inside the station. Sharon wonders what’s going on. Rey needs to talk about what happened that night at Vikki’s. Why? Because Nikki confessed to killing JT.

At the club, Mariah gives Lola a fancy plate of Valentine’s Day cookies. She imagines Kyle has something elaborate planned. We broke up, Lola blurts out.

Likewise, Jack’s had the cabin fully stocked, assuming Kyle will be taking Lola there for Valentine’s Day. No – we broke up, Kyle feels it’s for good this time.

Seated at the club, Lola explains that Kyle’s Valentine’s plans were about spending time together, not sex. Mariah’s confused – what’s wrong with grand gestures (like having Tessa serenade her outside her window) Lola’s too busy to just take on – she and Kyle are from different worlds. He loves you – he wants to be with you and support you is all. When will Kyle have to stop fighting for your attention?

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Vikki whines – her Mom’s in a cell; her Dad’s at home wearing an ankle monitor. The kids may have at least one grandparent in prison and Vikki’s powerless to stop it. She updates Billy that her Mom confessed to killing JT right before Victor was to go to court. She can’t say anything more until she sees her Mother.

Back at the station, Sharon fires questions at Rey – is Nikki the only one arrested? Should someone else be? Rey’s heard different versions of what happened that night – but would like to hear what Sharon knows. If I find out later, it might be too late for me to help you, he warns.

Without more details, Sharon has to think that Nikki panicked and confessed to save Victor. Though Rey implores her to trust him, Sharon has nothing else to say about that night so will go back to work (but instead hurries out – as Rey watches)

Vikki blames herself for bringing JT back into their lives. No, he came to spy on Victor, Billy corrects – he had revenge on his mind; wasn’t the same guy when he came back to GC. Maybe Nikki killed JT in self-defense. Stay strong – the truth will come out, Billy’s words bring little comfort.