Friday, February 8th, 2109

Nikki assures Chris that she’s not trying to stall – you’re arresting the wrong person. She can’t stand by another minute and watch her husband be blamed for something he didn’t do. ‘Nikki please’, Victor (and Mike) interject.

Jack’s not sure swimming in these temperatures is a good idea. Coming in with robe and towel, Kyle reminds that the pool’s heated and he needed to blow off some steam. He thinks things are over between him and Lola.

Fen’s at the penthouse to plead with Anna – he can make this right.

Nikki tells everyone to back off – she can’t let this happen. You’re making a mistake, she tells Chris. My husband didn’t kill JT, I DID!

Couples fight, Jack’s sure it’s not as bad as Kyle thinks it is. Have you talked to Lola? No, she doesn’t have time – her career is causing tension between us. Kyle lists what he admires about Lola. Jack has some suggestions for Valentine’s Day. Hearing that spending money isn’t the way to Lola’s heart, Jack has just the thing.

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Fen screwed up but didn’t blow off the party – he had something personal to attend to. It sure worked out for you, he adds. This isn’t about me or Devon – it’s about you being selfish, Anna shouts. Fen admits he’s a jerk – instant success went to his head – music means as much to him as it does to Anna – please talk to Devon.

Not another word, Mike barks at Nikki. Chris agrees that’s a good idea. Nikki won’t let this go on anymore. You were right in the beginning, she tells Rey. Victor blames Chris for upsetting his family (Nikki’s obviously just trying to help me) This doesn’t change a damn thing.

Aside, Chris and Rey wonder if Nikki’s telling the truth. This sure makes a mess of Victor’s trial; which will now have to be postponed. Rey then puts handcuffs on Nikki as she’s read her rights.