Wednesday, February 20th, 2019

Back at CL’s, Mariah continues to wonder why Phyllis was released and Sharon wasn’t. When Summer arrives, she tells Mariah that she doesn’t know – maybe my Mom’s just smarter than yours. OR – maybe Phyllis is a backstabbing bitch who sold out the others to save herself, Mariah snaps. When Tessa comes over to referee, Summer whines that she keeps missing Kyle. Shame you didn’t miss him at the cabin, Mariah growls.

OK, Devon will let Anna off the hook for now. After a brief chat with Nate, Anna again mentions visiting Lola. Devon admits it’ll be difficult for him; he hasn’t been to GCM since losing Hilary. Anna’s sorry – she didn’t realize she was being insensitive.

Summer reminds Mariah and Tessa that she’s known Kyle way longer than they have (then defends going to the cabin) She’s then surprised to hear that Lola’s brothers won’t let Kyle see her (because they think he cheated with Summer) When Abby arrives with Arturo, Summer asks Abby why she wasn’t told that the Rosales brothers won’t let Kyle see Lola (then pleads his case) This is cruel. Are you kidding me? Arturo thinks Summer the coldest, most selfish bitch he’s ever known.

When Summer drops by the Abbott mansion looking for Kyle, Abby tells her to stay away from him and the hospital. Summer’s just trying to be a good friend. You said that at the cabin – look how that ended, Abby scowls.

Is there any change? Rey asks Dr Nate. Yes, I’m afraid there is. Kyle hides in the hospital hallway.

At CL’s, Mariah’s turned off her phone to avoid more bad news. Tessa’s brought good news – she applied for a job at Top of the Tower (since Lola’s restaurant will be on hold) More good news is – Phyllis is out – maybe Sharon is too. Mariah hasn’t heard anything – weird, she wonders what’s going on.

Devon and Anna aren’t impressed with the music they’re listening to on earbuds. No, Anna won’t change her mind about performing (she just wants to write) When she suggests they go visit Lola, Devon doesn’t want to get in the way (he clearly doesn’t want to go to the hospital)

Rey tells Arturo to trust Nate – what choice do we have? Off the case, he’s heading to the station to see what he can find out ‘unofficially’. As Arturo watches his sister sleep, Kyle continues to hover outside her room unseen.

At the station, Rey’s peeking through folders when another detective catches him. Just looking for a pen? the Detective’s sorry but can’t give Rey any info on the investigation surrounding his sister.

Summer talks about the perfect evening she and Kyle shared until Lola showed up (which Kyle wasn’t happy about either) Abby doesn’t believe that for a minute – he loves Lola. Abby regrets sleeping with Austin – just because she made a mistake doesn’t mean Summer should. When Lola wakes up, she and Kyle will work things out, Abby’s sure. THEN will you back off? No, Summer replies bluntly.

As soon as Arturo leaves Lola’s room, Kyle tries to sneak in. Nate stops him per her brothers’ instructions. He’d help if he could. Rey and Arturo are the ones you need to convince.

Rey finds a file on his desk marked ‘the one you needed’. His detective friend wanders by making it clear that he had a change of heart.

Still at the club, Devon’s on the phone – he agrees, Anna killed it the other night but he can’t convince her to come out of retirement. Hanging up, Devon reports – that was a third agent wanting to sign Anna (who won’t budge and doesn’t appreciate the pressure) Her dreams have changed – songwriting is her passion now. Devon IS relentless; you should write a song about that, the siblings joke.

Kyle’s now at CL’s with Tessa and Mariah (who talked to Nick but still has no idea why Phyllis is the only one out) It makes no sense – she didn’t hire a lawyer and Chris hates her. Kyle whines about getting no updates on Lola (thanks to her brothers) He can’t really blame them – I shouldn’t have let Summer into the cabin (he sulks off)

Abby wonders what Summer hopes to gain by throwing herself at Kyle. She wants Kyle (Summer’s sure he’ll come around) Abby scoffs at Summer’s belief that Kyle loves her. You believe it too or you wouldn’t be trying to keep me away from him, Summer remarks. Seeing Rey at the front door, Summer exits through the back. Abby’s sorry to hear there may be a problem with Lola’s liver. Rey asks about Summer (and guesses she’s not happy that Kyle doesn’t return her feelings)