Thursday, February 21st, 2019

Lead into the courtroom, Mother and daughter are given a moment to hug and chat. We stuck to our story and Sharon probably did too (that she’s next to be brought in proves it) We’re missing one, Vikki observes – where’s Phyllis?

At home, Nick’s stunned to hear that Phyllis isn’t going to ‘the ladies’ bail hearing. What?! Why not!?

Chris is confident – we have a solid case (thanks to Rey digging for the truth) Wishing his sister the best, she leaves Rey’s detective pal to show him the coat Lola was wearing when she was attacked. That’s not her coat (flashback to Abby telling Mia that it was a Christmas present from Arturo)

At Jabot, Kyle’s pleading on the phone. Abby isn’t sure it’s a good idea that he come to the hospital but will do what she can. Summer marches over to blame Kyle for trying to ruin HER life – Rey hunted her down and treated her like a suspect!

Arturo’s doing the whole ‘wake up’ when Mia arrives to listen, then ask how she is. Not good – Arturo’s scared. She’s going to wake up – she has to, Lola doesn’t deserve this, Mia sniffles. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to turn back time.

* No time for spellcheck or proofreading *

If you really think what you told the police will help the other three, why aren’t you going to the arraignment? Nick asks. Phyllis cites the optics – she’s the CEO of Jabot; she can’t be involved in a murder trial. Nick stresses the need to present a united front. OK, Phyllis will go – for Nick. See you in the car (she pauses to call Chris – your star witness will be making an appearance sooner than we thought)

Nikki, Sharon and Vikki quietly wonder why Phyllis isn’t there. We have a problem, Mike comes to tell his clients. No one believes Nikki’s story – get on the same page. All you have to do today is plead not guilty. After getting the same instructions from Britney, Sharon gets a visit from Mariah (who worries she gave Chris ammunition) Sharon tells Mariah to tell the truth – she’s not worried Nikki and Vikki will turn on her. It’s HIM I worry about, Mariah looks at Victor.

Victor never thought this day would come – but hopes for the best outcome. For everyone, Mariah adds as he goes to hug Nikki and Vikki. We’ll get through this – he’s been working night and day to get the charges dropped and has brought bail money. As Vikki flies into Billy’s arms, Victor hates watching his wife and daughter suffer ~hug~