Wednesday, February 20th, 2019

Summer reminds Mariah and Tessa that she’s known Kyle way longer than they have (then defends going to the cabin) She’s then surprised to hear that Lola’s brothers won’t let Kyle see her (because they think he cheated with Summer) When Abby arrives with Arturo, Summer asks Abby why she wasn’t told that the Rosales brothers won’t let Kyle see Lola (then pleads his case) This is cruel. Are you kidding me? Arturo thinks Summer the coldest, most selfish bitch he’s ever known.

Kyle assures Rey that he didn’t bring Summer back to his house – he was furious with her. Lola was pissed off and didn’t believe his denials that he cheated with Summer. Things must have gotten heated (Rey’s implication/accusation is clear) Kyle would never hit a woman – I love Lola! Yes, Summer knows that. Kyle knows she’d do almost anything to get what she wants but Summer didn’t do this. Rey’s not so sure.

Still at CL’s, Mariah asks Abby if she knows why Phyllis was released and her Mom wasn’t. She and Tessa then tell Arturo that they’ll be praying for Lola. Now alone, Arturo shares his worry with Abby (who has faith that Lola’s dreams will come true) Both are glad that Rey’s now working on the case.

When Rey drops by Nick’s, Summer defends Kyle (though disapproves of his relationship with Lola) He should be able to see her, she insists. Asked about their fight at the cabin, Summer denies going straight to Kyle’s house – she only stopped there because she saw the police tape. Can you prove you got there AFTER Lola? Rey asks.

At GCM with Anna, Devon’s visibly uncomfortable. Nate comes by to update that Lola’s still in a coma. Devon opens the curtains to a familiar ICU room and immediately has a panic attack. Giving him a pill, Nate tells Devon to breathe.

Rey finds it interesting that it took Summer so much longer to get back from the cabin than Kyle. Summer left a lot later because she waited to sober up (which a cop should appreciate) Making it clear that she’s a suspect, Rey asks Summer if she stopped anywhere – got a receipt with a time stamp perhaps? Summer’s suddenly furious; assuming ‘that bastard’ Kyle thinks she attacked his ‘stupid’ girlfriend. When I see him I’m gonna …. Gonna what? Rey’s ears perk up.

Anna’s sorry she forced Devon to come to the hospital. Assuring her and Nate that he’s OK, Devon goes in to see Lola. Obviously reminded of Hilary, he sniffles – please don’t leave us.

Tell Lola that we miss her and her sandwiches, Mariah and Tessa hear (from Abby) that the restaurant is on hold. No worries, Tessa’s looking for temp work; their only concern is Lola. Mariah then gets a call from Nick then turning even paler updates that her Mom hasn’t been released – she and the others will be arraigned tomorrow. The DA’s charging Sharon, Nikki and Vikki in connection with JT’s death. Tessa takes Mariah’s hand.

Next: Victor defends his family …. Nick’s world is rocked.