Thursday, February 21st, 2019

Kyle just answered Rey’s questions truthfully. He asked if you were manipulative and deceitful (which you are) Summer was the last thing on his mind.

Abby consoles Arturo; you and Rey are great brothers. Lola has a lot of people who care about her – Kyle loves her too. They broke up – he cheated on her, Arturo won’t let anyone upset Lola. Mia? She’s family. The only way Kyle’s getting in there is if Lola wakes up and asks to see him. Mia eavesdrops as Rey updates that Eddy may have new evidence.

Billy and Vikki both hope she’s out today but he’ll take care of the kids as long as necessary. I’m on your side, always. Mike calls her over – it’s time. All watch as Chris takes her seat and the Judge calls the hearing to order. All are puzzled as Nick and Phyllis take a seat behind the DA.

Lola was wearing my coat, Abby wonders what that has to do with anything. They’re going to test it for DNA. After Mia comes out, Abby offers a reward.

Kyle meant it when he said Summer might have confronted Lola – but told Rey she wouldn’t attack anyone. I’m a suspect too! Kyle was only thinking of Lola – not Summer or himself. Yes, I love Lola – I can’t lose her now. Summer all but rolls her eyes, arms folded.

Noting that Chris recently tried to convict Victor of JT’s murder, this time, the Judge wants to hear probable cause before they go to trial. Chris has physical evidence and an eye witness (who’s conspired with Nikki to cover up her crime) The witness? Phyllis Summers. All turn to glare.

After the Judge excuses herself to look over the documents, Phyllis explains to Nick that she told the story in the best possible night. You rolled over on everyone for immunity, Nick’s disgusted – as is Billy – as is Victor (who issues a warning) We should have known, Nikki realizes. Mike and Victor warn Vikki not to speak to Phyllis. Mariah’s furious on her Mother’s behalf.